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    Kaohsiung Light Rail's C6 to C8 Stations: A Book Lover's Paradise Just Waiting to be Discovered/書香生活 ─C6經貿園區站~C8高雄展覽館站 Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-02-20~2017-07-01
    • Update Time:2017-02-20 11:36
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    • Publishing Unit:Information Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

    ◎English translation: Hou Ya-ting 

    ◎ Photos by Jhou Shu-jheng, Pao Chung-hui


    台鋁書屋 MLD Reading   Kaohsiung Light Rail is currently operating between Lizihnei Station (C1) to Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (C8) Station. Some of its featured stops include Commerce and Trade Park (C6), Software Technology Park (C7) and Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (C8), which also the station that people can get off at to go to the Main Public Library. There are also various types of bookstores and great places to read along the way. Therefore, Kaohsiung's Light Rail can also be seen as a kind of reading route that book lovers are sure to enjoy. It will also be convenient for Asia's New Bay Area visitors who will be coming because of projects that are being developed and already open, that are located along the harbor front. The projects include Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung Main Public Library, Kaohsiung Port Terminal and Kaohsiung Music Center. Taking the light rail is a much more efficient and relaxing way to get around in this newly developed area.

      The Singuang Ferry Wharf Park was one of the earliest waterfront developments in this series of projects. When strolling along the park's paths, checkout the white elevated viewing platform. At night, it is all lit up, creating a charming atmosphere. The Kaohsiung Exhibition Center was opened in 2014. The new landmark embodies the waves of the ocean and enhances the city's maritime culture. It is a great place to watch the sunset.

      Visitors can find the Kaohsiung Main Public Library, by getting off at the Exhibition Center and crossing over Chenggong Road. There are several floors filled with all kinds of books. It has become a popular place to browse the bookshelves. The well-established used bookstore chain Mollie Used Books is located at 38 Singuang Road and a short walk from the Kaohsiung Main Public Library. 

    高雄展覽館 Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

      The new MLD (Metropolitan Living Development) transformed Taiwan Aluminum Corporation's old warehouses into a modern shopping complex. Situated between the Commerce & Trade Park and Software Technology Park Stations, it has a flower shop, a supermarket and a book store (MLD Reading). The atypical bookstore also provides a reading hall with stacks of books of various heights. There are also smaller exhibition spaces that display photographs and vinyl records, providing readers a place to sit quietly and relax for a while. 

      Besides just connecting up the Asia's New Bay Area, the Kaohsiung Light Rail also takes book lovers to various destinations. The wonderful main public library and bookstores will enhance residents' lives and hopefully encourage a renewed passion for reading. Along the light rail route, there are numerous places to spend leisure time and enjoy the new landscape.


    書香生活 ─C6經貿園區站~C8高雄展覽館站






    高雄市立圖書館總館 Kaohsiung Main Public Library