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    2017 Current Development in the Smart City Print
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    After the merge of Kaohsiung city and Kaohsiung County, the administrative region has been greatly extended, and the gap between urban and rural has been widened, therefore, Kaohsiung has faced a lot of challenges in governance, the living standard of the citizens and the transformation of the industries. Nevertheless, the city government devotes all efforts to the construction of the smart city by the application of the technology of the Internet, the Cloud, the sensors, and mobile telecommunication, etc. so as to optimize prominent enhancement of its citizens’ real lives.

    In recent years, Kaohsiung has been awarded prizes in the participation of various smart city competitions and evaluations, including the award of the Revolution Achievement Prize of the Smart City Expo held by Taipei Computer Association, the Outstanding Achievement Prize by the Cloud Computing & loT Association in Taiwan, and the Invention Prize of Healthy and Senior Citizen-Friendly City . Besides, Kaohsiung has been given good evaluations and good rankings by Common Wealth Magazine, Global Views Monthly and Wealth Magazine.

    The intelligent system promoted by the city government is applied in various aspects over environmental protection, tourism, transportation, management, agriculture, emergency aid and treatment, cultural and creative industry, living standard, medical care, education, industry and disaster prevention.

    1.The Project of the Integration of the Traffic Control System in the Kaohsiung and Pingtung Areas.

    The first national integrated cross-border and cross-department traffic control platform in our city coordinates all the traffic facilities in Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, the Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau and the Directorate General of Highways of MOTC (Ministry of Transportation and Communications ROC). Based on the principal of “Centralized Information, Divisional Operating Control”, the cross-department coordination, cooperation and information-sharing of traffic control and the setup of the reaction rule database will publish comprehensive traffic information, and with the intelligent system of traffic light control, the road occupants (drivers, passenger and pedestrians) will be able to react in advance to reduce the causes of car accidents and traffic jams, also the regional management of the transportation will be enhanced efficiently.

    The regional traffic control platform

    2.The Collaboration Project of 4G Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System and Information Telecommunicating Service

     Kaohsiung City government and Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd are working together on the setup of 4G intelligent facilities on the buses, outdoor bus information LED boards and the interactive screens of Kiosks in order to provide the citizens free 4G high-speed Internet connection experience and the versatile integrated IoT (The Internet of Things) services.

    outdoor bus information LED boards

    the interactive screens of Kiosks

    3.APPKaohsiung Good Parking App 

    This App provides instant information for citizens who acquire parking spaces, and with its route guidance feature providing the shortest way to avoid the going-around problems of finding parking spaces for the citizens.

    4.New Generation of “119 Information system”

     This system involves all the locations of industrial pipelines, tap water and related water supply sources, storage places of dangerous goods, toxicants, and the radioactive substances into a layered E-map available for the 119 duty officers to access, so that the emergency rescue teams are able to know the distribution of the underground pipes for the preplanning of alarm areas at the initial stage of the disasters/accidents, also to assess the scope and effect of saving and withdrawal as early as possible so as to make the right decision.

    5.Water Supply Information App 

    The integrated water supply information includes the water discharge level in the jurisdiction of the city government and the images of monitoring each important intersection, the information of river water levels and the reservoir warning levels provided by the WRA (the Water Resources Agency), the precipitation and weather forecast provided by the Central Weather Bureau, and the threshold value for the potential debris flow torrent provided by the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan, etc.

    Kaohsiung City Government

    6.Open 1999

    Open Information: A database accessible for the citizens includes the most concerned notifications needed to be processed immediately(such as water and power outages, potholed roads or other pavement conditions and garbage/waste disposal, etc.) and is updated daily by the city government on schedule and under the supervision of the citizens. It’s also available for the experts to make the extra beneficial usages of developing meaningful and creative applications tackling living problems.

    Versatile applications: Strengthen the analysis of the database to identify the systematical connections of the same kind of problems by time and locations, so as to find out the possible solutions. With the accumulation and the analysis of the scientific statistics, the rationality of the public policies can be found and gradually enhanced to ensure the quality of governance with a limited budget used on the most concerned citizen issues.

    7.Mobile Based Cadastral System

    The Cloud Platform provides access for an updated online cadastral map and the integrated cross-department maps, and with the application of the handy device and GPS software, the e-service operation process will be fulfilled and good for more efficient government service.

    8.Disaster Risk Statistic Platform “Hao Li Zai ”

    Its revolutionary visual illustration of the disasters provides the most updated statistics including water and power outages, road restorations, the number of casualties and retreats and the loss of production value in the sectors of agriculture and fisheries etc. It is integrated with Google Maps to present the current situations of the disclosure of roads and bridges, the blockade alarm areas, temporary parking places and shelters for citizens to collect and compile information fast and handy.

    9.Instant Wireless Transmission Automatic Interpretation of 12-Lead ECG System.

    It’s the first national ECG electrocardiogram equipped on ambulances for inspecting patients with acute myocardial infarctions, and the result will be immediately transmitted through the wireless Internet to the cellphones of the heart specialists of the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital for confirmation and to get more rescue time. After the patient has been sent to the hospital, the cardiac catheterization can be done immediately by a treatment team.

    There was a transfer case of the emergency medical service by the Fire Department on December 23rd 2016 where the patient was in need of urgent inspection for acute myocardial infarction during their transfer in the ambulance, the doctor gave instructions to the emergency aid personnel online, and the cardiac catheterization was operated in Tainan Municipal Hospital successfully and the blocked blood vessels were opened up. It’s considered a milestone in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in Asia.

    10.Remote Healthcare & Home Care Information Platform of Kaohsiung Citizens

    Citizens can measure the physiological parameter at homes and upload the results to the management platform. The registered nurses of our Public Remote Healthcare & Home Care Center provide 24-hour notifications of abnormal values, reminding and immediate healthcare consultation, and provides assistance of hospital medical treatment if needed.

    Remote Healthcare & Home Care Information Platform of Kaohsiung Citizens

    11.Kaohsuing City Statistics and Analysis Project of the Prevalence of Drug Abuse

    Collect the relative information of drug abuse, process huge amounts of date analysis, and present all types of drugs distributed in the different administrative districts and hot spots to the city government as an important reference for regulating local drug prevention policies, so as to effectively enhance the accomplishment of drug prevention.

    12.Egame Learning Cloud 

    The learning cloud is divided into English Island (English), Dakuo Island (math and logistics), Saisi Island (Science), etc. offering elementary and junior high school students the game trainings to improve their thinking and logical reasoning abilities and make the students become progressive happy learners.

    13.iPass Cloud Service System

    The system is available for selling all kinds of tickets (such as tickets for Art Festivals, Film Festivals and Cultural Parks) and the purchase of cultural and creative products. People can complete ticketing and shopping on cellphones and pay by mobile payment system. 

    14.Kaohsiung City Information Platform

    In order to effectively integrate the information from all aspects of both city government and private organizations, the city government has taken the lead to establish the “Kaohsiung City Information Platform”. Through the practical implements of Open API with a simple and easy automatic connecting method, the information circulation can be boosted and a huge database will be constructed and available for the value-added innovative applications by all government departments, enterprises and the citizens.