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    January 20 2015 Wistron software product R & D Kaohsiung center opening ceremonyIn response to the construction of new public infrastructure provision and regional land development process, to integrate and construct the investment platform and service window and according to different industries and geographical feature to prepare for the suitable development model and expand the handling of investment operations.

    Encourage private investment and activate business opportunities, through the "Kaohsiung City Industrial Development Promotion Autonomous Regulations" and "Kaohsiung City Industrial Development Promotion Implementation Measures" to incubate strategic and key development industries to attract operational headquarters and research and development centers to station.
    The establishment of industrial land reserve system, based on the Industrial Innovation Act, selects suitable locations in provision of the industrial park and acquires land for industrial development, in order for the investors to obtain the land required for industry to accelerate the development. industrial and economic data to elaborate on the City’s future direction and policy of industrial development; with the development New Asia Bay Area to introduce the high-end service industry development and drive the City’s industrial restructuring and create job opportunities, also the introduction of industrial manpower, personnel, and to compete for the Central Industry and Economic policy to implement.

    January 23, 2015 Japan Kodansha and Brogent signing cooperation memorandumCollect at home and abroad Seek for key exhibition to be held in Kaohsiung and to convergent all kinds of industry to come in and combining with civil society and related authority’s energy to jointly promotion of industrial development of peripheral area, in order to create an international harbor for exhibition.
    Promote the science and technology enhancements for business activities, combining industry, government, research and development technology to establish platforms to create smart living to produce business opportunities, assisted with shopping mall promotion events to attract crowds and stimulate commercial development.

    Develop industries with local characteristics, continue to promote industrial counseling services, compete for the central resource injection, assist value-added industrial upgrading and enhance competitiveness, shaping the brands with local characteristics. Manage Kaohsiung major investment case promotion team operation, assisting investment firms to solve problems across offices, completion of administrative procedures and processes, provide personnel, financial, academic resources, opportunities, etc., attract potential domestic and foreign manufacturers to invest deeply in Kaohsiung.

    May 9, 2015 Taroko Park beam-raising ceremony

    To create a youth-friendly innovation and entrepreneurship environment, utilizing digital content creation center as a base, combining industry, government, academic and community resources to construct cultural and creative digital content industry chain, introducing the successful experience of innovation and entrepreneurship at home and abroad to connect Taiwan with international convergence.
    Supporting the development of the digital content industry in Kaohsiung, encouraging the digital content industry cluster effect in Kaohsiung, to attract large pool of talent and to upgrade the technological level.
    Integration of industry, government and academic resources, reform of traditional industries, create Kaohsiung’s aerospace, microscopic molds, automation, medical material and other industries of the added value of metal.
    Strengthening security of oil and natural gas (methane) security management and improving the existing industrial pipeline safety to establish a safe city; strengthening the arrest of illegal and over limit gravel mining on land and the clearing of aftermath of the illegal and over limit gravel mining, in order to maintain public safety.
    Strengthen the vendor management and counseling of the unregistered factories within specific plant areas, and before the expiry of counseling period in June 2, 2020, actively assist dealing with matters of the legitimate use of land to help manufacturers to accomplish sustainable development.

    Continued to strive for the “Subsidies to Local Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations in the Development of Industrial Zone Update Demonstration Project” funds of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, in order to improve the hardware devices of the Kangshan Penchou Industrial Zone and provide excellent production environment.
    To lead the application of green energy product market and develop the technological power for local solar photovoltaic industry to lay the foundation for the development of green economy. Advocacy of saving energy and promote the community to create an energy conservation environment.
    Proceeding on traditional markets overall environment improvement, by update and modernize facilities to reinvigorate the traditional markets. By supervise the management and maintenance of the council and with market epidemic prevention project to create a safer consumer territory. Activate the market land, by introducing private investment in the construction of modern retail market and improving service quality of public facilities, to enhance local living functions and cater to the shopping needs of the public, enabling public facilities to achieve its maximum efficiency.

    June 16, 2015 symposium for Japanese companies in Kaohsiung Founded in January 2015 Kaohsiung Exhibition Alliance Assembly