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    Diverse and Cost-effective, KRTC Travel Package Sales Up Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-02-13~2018-03-30
    • Update Time:2018-02-13 09:35
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    The 2017 Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation (KRTC) travel package sales broke the previous record with flying colors with nearly 80,000 packages sold, which has promoted the tourism sector in Kaohsiung City remarkably and raised the ridership of the Kaohsiung metro system. The KRTC actively works with the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) and several travel agencies to set up a sales platform via the ibon of 7-ELEVEN, which enables the public to purchase various types of travel packages easily. The annual sale of the KRTC Market Package is 13,000 with an increase of nearly 65 percentage points while that of the KRTC 2-day Fun Pass has reached 30,000. The THSR&KRTC Joint Pass is one of the best-selling packages throughout the year with a sale of around 15,000 packages, for it is the first choice of travel package for many tourists from other areas in Taiwan to travel in Kaohsiung with each package saving them as much as NT$ 1,179.
    The KRTC has planned various types of travel packages to make travel in Kaohsiung easier and more convenient for domestic and overseas tourists. Combined with different means of transportation, including high speed rail, buses, double decker buses, ferries and solar-powered boats, and special deals offered at stores, amusement parks, and tourist attractions, the KRTC travel packages provide tourists with diverse and safe trips that help them to escape from their busy lives and to start a journey in Kaohsiung effortlessly. The travel packages encompass the Light Rail Transit 2-day Tour, the British Consulate at Takow Fun Tour, the Hongmaogang Sea and Land Fun Package, the Ciaotou Sugar Refinery Light Tour, and the Cijin Seaside Tour. For more information, please visit the KRTC website ( Some best-selling travel packages are as follows:

    Package Package Content Discount (NTD)
    THSR&KRTC Joint Pass 25% off THSR tickets
    A KMRT 2-day pass, ferry return ticket, public bicycle rental voucher, plus the tickets for G-Speed, The Carousel, and Drop Zone at Suzuka Circuit Park of Taroko Park, YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung ticket, British Consulate at Takow ticket
    Savings of up to NT$1,179
    THSR&KRTC Fun Pass 25% off THSR tickets
    Kaohsiung Fun Pass (which includes a KMRT 2-day pass, solar-powered boat ticket, gift of Pier-2 Art Center, classic traditional popsicle of KI A PENG SIAN, bubble tea of TEA RENAISSANCE, Doggaebi Hot Dog, Dream Mall Ferris Wheel ticket)
    Savings of up to NT$1,160
    KRTC Market Package
    (Land Sea Air T-Pass)
    A Land Sea Air T-Pass, add value NT$ 60, Dream Mall Ferris Wheel ticket, solar-powered boat ticket, and double decker bus ticket Savings of up to NT$211
    KRTC 2-day Fun Pass A KPP Taiwan Pass (which includes a KMRT 2-day pass) Savings of NT$100
    Parent/Child 1-day Pass Tickets for one adult and one child / one adult and two children
    One popsicle, one automatic pencil and one pineapple pastry for free
    Savings of NT$120 / NT$210
    Ciaotou Sugar Refinery Light Tour Two KMRT one-way tickets, one free Taiwan Sugar popsicle voucher, return tickets for bicycle and sugar train, and three discounted vouchers of nearby stores Savings of up to NT$205
    Cijin Seaside Tour Two KMRT one-way tickets, Cijin–Gushan ferry return ticket, bicycle rental discounted voucher Savings of NT$110

    “I saw the THSR&KRTC Joint Pass on the KRTC website. The package content is really diverse and appealing. You can save more than one thousand NT dollars with every purchase, which is really cost-effective. This makes our family want to travel together in Kaohsiung every time,” said Ms. Chen, who lives in Taipei. Mr. Cai, who is from Kaohsiung, said, “I once bought a package of KRTC Ciaotou Sugar Refinery tour and it was worth the money. Now with the Parent/Child 1-day Pass, we have one more option for outdoor family activities during holidays. On the winter vacation, I will travel with my child by the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT) because it is cheap and safe.” 
    Chen Ching-Fu, the director-general of the Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, pointed out that, in accordance with the free public transportation program in the winter in Kaohsiung City, the KRTC implemented a partial free transportation program by which travelers can take the KMRT trains for free at peak times on weekdays, boosting the ridership of the metro system. The Government is pleased that various types of travel packages and periodic tickets, which are planned and implemented by the KRTC to offer gifts and special deals at tourist attractions and stores in Kaohsiung City, could satisfy multiple needs of the public, including commuting to school and to work, and sightseeing. As the incoming 6-day Lunar New Year holiday and the winter vacation are among the peak seasons of domestic travel, the ridership is expected to peak. 
    He Sin, the general manager of the KRTC, stated that 70% of the profit made by KRTC is from operating income while the other 30% is from non-operating income. The KRTC made a profit of NT$ 74 million in 2016 and is expected to continue to make a profit in 2017. By boosting ridership from multiple dimensions, including developing new tourist attraction travel packages in Kaohsiung City and combining travel packages with different forms of transportation, the KRTC is making an effort to help promote tourism in Kaohsiung City.