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    Discounted Tickets for Cijin Ferry From February 1 to April 30, 2019 Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-02-18~2019-04-30
    • Update Time:2019-02-18 09:33
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    Discounted Ferry Prices

    In order to promote and stimulate the growth of tourism and increase the overall economic benefits for the cities of Gushan and Cijin, and taking into consideration the upcoming Lunar New Year, 228 Peace Memorial Day, and Tomb-Sweeping Day long holidays, fares for the ferry will be discounted before Lunar New Year (2019). During this period, ferry fares will be discounted starting from February 1 to April 30, 2019 in order to stimulate and develop an active tourism environment in the Cijin area. The original price of $40 for tickets paid in cash and tickets for motorcycles will be given a discount of 25% and decrease to $30. Electronic tickets (e-tickets) will maintain a 50% discount at $20 and $25 for motorcycles.

    The company will analyze the increase/decrease of cash ticket and e-ticket passengers and the operational costs to review the need for future fare adjustments and promotion methods. The Transportation Bureau will also be working with the Tourism Bureau to research how to combine local consumerism in Gushan and Cijin with ferry fare promotions. However, the actual implementation will be discussed further with local merchants.

    The price adjustment for ferry tickets in March 2017 concerned the cash prices only, while the e-ticket prices remained unchanged. E-tickets are sold at 50% discount in the hope to encourage the public to utilize e-tickets and save time boarding the ferry. Although the 50% discounted price of $20 for e- tickets is already lower than the operational cost, the company is willing to bear the transportation responsibility of Cijin residents when taking into consideration the overall economic benefits that it may bring to Cijin tourism. And even though prices have been discounted, the service quality and safety will remain the same.

    In response to the nine-day Lunar New Year holiday, all operating ferries have been inspected and repaired. From the very beginning, the company has been committed to improving the quality of its ferry service. Asia’s first newly built electric ferry Qifu Number One started operation in February 2018, with a second electric ferry Qifu Number Two looking to join operation at the end of January 2019. The company has already completed ferry operational plans for the nine-day Lunar New Year holiday. The shipping company has a total of nine ferries offering service for three routes (Cijin to Gushan, Cianjhen to Zhongzhou, and Kaohsiung Port Warehouse W2 to Cijin). At peak hours, a total of five ferries will be offering service for the Cijin-Gushan route and separate lanes for people and vehicles will be implemented to help prevent congestion; measures such as expanding the waiting area at the Second Barge Berth for small vessels carrying people only will help shorten passengers’ waiting time and improve overall operational performance.

    Discounted ferry fares from February 1 to April 30, 2019 are as follows:


      Adult Fare Concession Fare Student Fare Motorcycles Bicycles
    Before Discount 40 15 25 40 10
    After Discount 30 15 25 30 10



      Adult Fare Concession Fare Student Fare Motorcycles Bicycles
    Before Discount 20 12 15 25 10
    After Discount Unchanged

    The public is encouraged to use e-tickets during the promotion period. Currently, the ferry accepts iPass, Easycard, i-cash2.0 and HappyCash.