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    Kaohsiung City Government and the National Fire Agency, MOI Cooperate on the first “Fire Protection e-Road Pass” to Enhance the Safety and Efficiency of Emergency Vehicle Rescue Print
    • Publishing Date:2022-07-29~2022-09-30
    • Update Time:2022-07-18 17:29
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    【Kaohsiung News】The Kaohsiung City Government and the National Fire Agency, MOI have cooperated on the promotion of the nation’s first “Fire Protection e-Road Pass.” It is expected to increase the efficiency of emergency fire trucks and ambulances by 25% and save on vehicle travel time by 20%, thereby effectively maintaining the safety of fire trucks and ambulances at intersections.
    According to statistics, there have been more than 100 accidents nationwide involving fire trucks and ambulances in recent years. Pedestrians are often unable to react in a timely manner when ambulances or fire trucks suddenly appear at interactions or pass forcibly, resulting in injuries and fatalities from accidents involving pedestrians, rescued patients and firefighters.
    The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government and the Fire Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government in cooperation with the National Fire Agency have implemented the Fire Truck Vehicle Safety Control Plan (Fire Protection e-Road Pass Plan). The country’s first “E-road Green Light” Fire Protection Corridor Plan involving giving emergency vehicles the right of way linked to 5G high-speed computing has been conducted.  The peripheral roads of the “Asia New Bay Area 5G AIoT Innovation Park” have been selected in the plan as the experimental field. Included in the area are: Yuan’s General Hospital and two fire brigades (Cheng Kung, Cianjhen) , etc. The roads included in the implementation are: Zhonghua 5th Rd. (from Sihwei 4th Rd. to Zhengqin Rd.) and Sihwei 4th Rd. (from Chengkung 1st Rd. to Zhonghua 4th Rd.), 12 intersections in total.
    According to the Transportation Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government, with the support of the ITS Development and Construction Plan, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the next generation of Road-vehicle Cooperation Intelligent Transportation System has undergone active development, with sound results. Therefore, this system has found favor in the Fire Protection e-Road Pass Plan, National Fire Agency, MOI, with the integrated traffic control system and 119 duty dispatch. Through 5G and GPS technology, the data of the locations, speeds and directions of fire trucks and ambulances can be collected to instantly control traffic signs at intersections, with green lights all the way throughout the corridors to allow emergency vehicles to pass. This will ensure the right of way and safety at intersections, while greatly enhancing emergency rescue efficiency.

    Kaohsiung City Government Transportation Bureau Director-General Chang Shu-chuan said that this plan has the largest coverage in the nation, with the nation’s first green lights all the way through the main (branch) road control corridors. The 5-month Phase 2 Service condition testing on roads commenced in March, increasing the vehicle travel speed by 25% and saving 20% of the time needed to rush someone to the hospital. This in turn will improve the safety and speed of emergency vehicles on the way to the rescue. In the future, the Kaohsiung City Government will continue to cooperate with the National Fire Agency, MOI to expand the plan to other hospitals and interactions, thereby enhancing the safety and efficiency of the overall emergency rescue system operations.

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