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    The 1st Technology Make-a-Wish for Blessing Tree unveiled at Weiwuying
    The 3D audiovisual interactive art triggers innovative feeling


    Under the support of the Asia New Bay Area 5G AIoT Project of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the integrated 3D monitor and interactive sensor module of Industrial Research Technology Institute, the first technology interactive “Make-a-Wish For Blessing Tree” of the world was unveiled today (August 21). The public may upload text messages and graphic images, 3D games and animated pictures for real-time interaction with the Make-a-Wish for Blessing Tree via LINE. This integrated large curve surface and AI broadened the horizon of the innovative application of display technology and can also apply to smart cities, tourism, and traffic information services in the future. The exhibition will last until the end of September.


    The lighting ceremony of the first Make-a-Wish For Blessing Tree of the world powered by interactive technology was unveiled and witnessed by Director Chiu-Huei Chiu of the Department of Industrial Technology of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Legislator Chi-Chieh Hsu, Legislator Tien-Lin Chao, and Director Tai-Hsiang Liao of the Bureau of Economic Department at Kaohsiung City Government, Artistic Director Wen-Pin Liao of National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts. Sky lanterns were also released at the same time as blessing for Taiwan.


    According to Director Chiu-Huei Chiu, there are 3 number ones for this tree. First of all, the curve surface of the tree trunk is about 105 inches when laying flat, inlaid with 81 mini-LEDs just 1.875 mm apart from one another. This is the largest mini-LED curve surface monitor with the least distance apart in Taiwan. Secondly, there are 5 large curve surface monitors on the coronal root and trunk of the tree, and is the first tree shape large curve surface monitor device in Taiwan. Thirdly, this is the first Make-a-Wish For Blessing Tree powered by interactive technology of the world featuring real-time upload text messages and pictures irrespective of the constraint of time and space. This is indeed a breakthrough in the innovative application of display technology.

    He further emphasized that the Department of Industrial Technology will continue to support technology projects in research and development in innovation so that more innovative technologies and know-how can root in Kaohsiung. A greater variety of innovative application will be created through cross-industry effort, which in turn will help to make Taiwan and Kaohsiung’s dream come true.


    According to the Chief Operation Officer Mu-Tao Chu of the Optoelectronic System Institute of ITRI, ITRI has combined different areas of specializations to create this 4 meters width x 4 meters length x 3.5 meters height tree with the integration of 6 image sensors and software for simulation of image in the shortest lead-time of response in 30 ms with conversion in dimension. AI was used to identify the locomotion of human beings from age 3 to 80 matching with light and image changes to give a sense of distance. Viewers can feel the 3D effect without wearing 3D goggles. They can also download the APP to upload text messages and pictures via LINE to make a wish for blessing. This tree brings about multilateral audiovisual interactive experience and helps to bring about new business opportunity for intelligent entertainment and exhibition.


    Po-Lun Chu, the Chief Executive Officer of the local business CTIMES, suggested that the use of distance interactive display technology and 3D image formation interactive technology allow the Make-a-Wish for Blessing Tree to demonstrate the effect of intermingling between technology and art. He stressed that the union will continue to start with innovation to vitalize the digital technology ecological circle of south Taiwan with visualization solution and allows for the spillover effect of application service of smart cities, tourism and transportation.


    Director Tai-Hsiang Liao of the Bureau of Economic Development thanked the Department of Industrial Technology of MOEA and the Legislative Yuan for their assistance in launching the Asia New Bay Area 5G AIoT Innovation Park Project jointly with the government. It is expected that a national level 5G AIoT test site will be created under the funding of tens of billions. Vital high tech will be rooted in Kaohsiung with the integration of technology and business upgrade of local enterprises with the support of the resources from the central government.


    He mentioned that the impression of Kaohsiung to most people in the past was heavy industry, shipbuilding, petrochemical, iron and steel, metal fasteners and others. Yet, Kaohsiung can do much better as an open sea port. Kaohsiung City Government spares no effort to advocate the 5G AIoT and related projects, from the multiple screen and multiple angle direct broadcasting of the centennial of the city, the KMRT alternate site concert, the lantern festival of Wuweiying, the Asia New Bay Area 5G UAV, to the Make-a-Wish for Blessing Tree at present, Kaohsiung has demonstrated its strength in the integration of hardware and software, and has created a new memory and experience. The government will make further effort for the next 2 to 4 years to lay down a solid foundation for the city to eternity.

    The “Make-a-Wish for Blessing Tree” was made possible under the support of the Asia New Bay Area 5G AIoT Project of the Department of Industrial Technology of MOEA, with the use of the biggest mini-LED curve surface monitor in shortest distance apart in Taiwan and the integrated interactive sensor module technology developed by ITRI. The public just need to download the APP and can upload text message and pictures to the tree via LINE in real time. They can even interact with different adorable 3D animals to feel the latest 3D audiovisual interactive art. The exhibition will last until the end of September and the public are invited to share the experience.

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