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    Kaohsiung Mayor delivers Speech at Harvard University:Bring Kaohsiung to the World Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-04-18~2020-04-18
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    Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu today gave an entire English speech at Harvard University under the heading "The Power of Down-to-Earth: They Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk." He pointed out that "A bald country bumpkin” from Taiwan won an election in Southern Taiwan on November last year that nobody thought he could possibly win. people are saying that he single-handedly reshaped the politics of Taiwan. They are calling this wide-spread political current the “Hanliu” or “Han wave.” However, He said, "I don’t believe in 'Hanliu' or 'Han Wave' because I know very well that what brings me to the Mayoral position and to speak to you today, is not me as an individual, but is the will of the people."


    He also said, "I walk to the people from all walks of life, with an emphasis on socially vulnerable groups. I insist to stay overnight in different folks’ places once a month, to get close to their real life. I have stayed in an orphanage, a fisherman’s association, a taxi driver’s house and will stay in many others’ places as well. Furthermore, I also reached the world, to Mainland China, to Southeast Asia, to America and hopefully to more other places in the world. Kaohsiung deserves more visibility and opportunities. Kaohsiung has been isolated and closed off for too long. As a result, the economy and population are sadly declining. We need to walk out to the world to promote our produce and products, to attract more visitors, and to carry out what I advocate loudly for, 'Get Goods Out, Bring People In, so Kaohsiung Makes Big Money!'"


    Mayor Han stressed that when he announced to run for the mayoral election, he went with the slogan “one bottle of water and one bowl of pork rice.” That was all he could provide to the supporters at rallies and gatherings – and most of the time, no pork rice, only a bottle of water! Yet, the reason he did that was not only because his team were short of money, but also because he would like to do things differently. He will not be the politician that people dislike anymore. “One bottle of water” is totally against the traditional way of campaigning. There's an old saying that “You don't need to know how to win an election as long as you have money.”


    With other campaign slogan, “Get Goods Out, Bring People In, so Kaohsiung Makes Big Money!” And “100% for better economy and 0 % for political calculations.” As a region that is heavily trade oriented, our worst nightmare is to be marginalized. When countries around the world are actively promoting free trade, signing free trade agreements and engaging in regional economic integrations, Taiwan is excluded, and that is not ideal for our economic development. The complications and difficulties of achieving regional economic integration is based on the relationship across the Taiwan Straits. To any political leader of Taiwan, the biggest challenge is to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, and to ensure Taiwan is not excluded from important international organizations.


    In his view, as Mayor of Kaohsiung, he wants to bring Kaohsiung to the world and he thinks the '92 Consensus is practical and realistic. His view on the '92 Consensus is naturally “One China with Different Interpretation.” Some people say that the Beijing does not recognize “One China with Different Interpretation.” he would like to point out that in the 8 years under KMT’s rule, Beijing certainly did not refuse to interact with us because of KMT’s stance on '92 Consensus. In fact, during those 8 years, we signed many treaties, participated in many international activities, and more countries had granted us visa-waiver status.


    Mayor Han was invited to the United States by the Fairbank Chinese Research Center at Harvard University. Today's event focuses on in-depth exchanges with internationally important academic institutions, hosted by Prof. Steve Goldstein, researcher at the Fairbank Center and Harvard University. After the meeting, mayor Han and the director of the Fairbank Chinese Research Center, Michael Szonyi, presented gifts to each other.


    Harvard University is one of the historical and most famous universities in the United States. The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies is a research center established by Harvard University. The research center studies modern and contemporary China from the perspective of social science. It is founded in 1955, the center has been an important institution for global and Chinese affairs research in the world for more than 60 years. It has long been concerned about the development of relations between China, cross straits, Taiwan and the United States. There are also many experts and scholars specializing in Taiwan-related research.

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