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    The number of visitors taking a boat tour on the Kaohsiung Duck Boats set a new high during the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival, attracting the Macao Government Tourism Office to come to Taiwan and learn from Kaohsiung's experience Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-03-01~2017-08-01
    • Update Time:2017-03-01 10:31
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

    The Kaohsiung Duck Boats has reached new heights! The revenue earned from ticket sales of the Kaohsiung Duck Boats set a new high during the Chinese New Year holidays, which is a great way to start the year off. The daily revenue for each boat increased by 71% from NT$21,000 to NT$36,000. Also, the number of visitors increased by 85%! The Kaohsiung Duck Boats are special boats that can travel on roads as well as waterways. The unique boat has attracted the attention of the Macao Government Tourism Office, and its Chief Executive Officer, Jhèn-Si Jhou, led a group to come to Taiwan to see how the company, Great-City-Life (G-Bus), operate the Kaohsiung Duck Boats. They also took the boat tour to experience the fun of riding on a vehicle that can travel on both roads and rivers.

    Currently, the tickets for the Kaohsiung Duck Boats sell out quickly. In order to offer more opportunities for the public to take the tour on this popular boat, G-Bus will provide an additional five boat runs on Fridays. The public may go to C5 Warehouse, Pier-2 Art Center at the end of Dayong Rd. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to ride the Kaohsiung Duck Boats. In the future, the Kaohsiung Duck Boats are scheduled to run on the Love River at night, and the public will therefore have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful evening views of the Love River in Kaohsiung City in a different way.

    G-Bus also uses cross-industry alliance to sell tickets for the solar-powered Love Boat and Kaohsiung double-decker sightseeing buses at the Pier-2 Art Center. The company plans to introduce a sightseeing package that allows the public to take the Kaohsiung Duck Boat, Love Boat, and Kaohsiung double-decker sightseeing bus. This marketing strategy offers a package tour for the public to enjoy the city views of Kaohsiung and the beauty of the port city in different ways.

    In addition, the Kaohsiung Duck Boats attracted the attention of the Macao Government Tourism Office, and on February 6, 2017, Jhèn-Si Jhou, the Chief Executive Officer of the Macao Government Tourism Office, came with a group of seven people to Kaohsiung to see how G-Bus operate the Duck Boats. On the same day, they also took the boat tour to have a hands-on experience and gave positive comments afterwards. In addition, they expressed that the geographical environment in Macao is similar to that in Kaohsiung, with mountains, sea, rivers and ports, and they would purchase two Duck Boats to operate in Macao. They intend to follow the example of Kaohsiung's successful experience.

    The next step the city of Kaohsiung will introduce open-top Duck Boats. When riding on this boat, visitors can enjoy the breeze on the Love River and feel an invigorating feeling because of the boat’s unique design. It is predicted that the new ship will give the public a different experience and will make a splash.

    The public may go to the C5 Warehouse, Pier-2 Art Center at the end of Dayong Rd. to take the Duck Boat, and the opening hours are 11a.m. to 4 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays. The departure times are 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, and 16:00. Additional boats may be scheduled to run depending on the number of visitors. Tickets for the day start selling at 10a.m. and are subject to availability. Advance tickets are not available. It is also possible to buy tickets by phone. On weekdays, the service is mainly focused on group package tours. For further information, please see G-Bus's website at, the Facebook Page of the Kaohsiung Duck Boats, or call 07-3661986.

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