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    Support Green Transportation, Invest in Transforming Community Transportation Environment, and Create a Hamasen EcoMobility Demonstration Area Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-07-03~2017-11-01
    • Update Time:2017-07-03 09:49
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

            The trial run of the first smart driverless minibus in Taiwan is being conducted in Kaohsiung City. Supporting green transportation and investing in transforming community transportation environment is the consensus among people in Kaohsiung. Deputy Mayor Hsu Li-Ming stated during the Innovative Smart Transportation Forum that smart transportation is an important link in the development of low carbon transport systems. By introducing smart driverless minibuses and applying advanced technology such as smart transportation technology and green energy transport, we can realize energy saving and carbon reduction targets. We expect that by developing EcoMobility, we can create a sustainable, people-oriented urban environment. 

           The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City is organizing the Innovative Smart Transportation Forum on the 7th and 8th at the Pier-2 Art Center. This will be a pre-event activity for the third EcoMobility World Festival being held in October. The forum gathered central government ministries, representatives from various European countries, smart transportation industry operators, transportation and communications departments from various counties and cities, and university representatives to share related information and experience. The idea of using smart transportation policy to design and create a livable city was also explored. 

           Hsu Li-Ming pointed out in the forum that climate change is the severest challenge of all challenges faced by cities, and that the transportation sector is the second largest carbon emission source in the world. In recent years, Kaohsiung has actively promoted EcoMobility. By utilizing advanced technology such as smart transportation technology and green energy transport, Kaohsiung is working to realize energy saving and carbon reduction targets. In October this year, the EcoMobility World Festival will be held in Hamasen. This event will allow city residents to experience EcoMobility for a month, and will demonstrate Kaohsiung’s determination in pursuing city sustainable management. 

           To answer questions the public have about the legal basis for driverless car going on the road and the driving locations. Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau director Chen Chin-Fu said that Kaohsiung City will give priority to smart driverless minibus type public transportation systems when promoting driverless vehicles. Under controllable conditions, a suitable operating site will be selected. The trial run will also conform to amendments of relevant regulations from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Starting from the initial sealed closed track environment, city residents can understand the role driverless minibuses can play in public transportation. Actual testing is used to collect opinions of different users regarding this transportation tool, which is provided to the competent authority. Gradually, transportation function will be improved so smart driverless vehicles can provide shuttle service to existing MRT and light rail stations. This will make the service of the existing public transportation network more comprehensive. 

           Ministry of Transportation and Communications counselor and technology consultant director Wang Mu-Heng said that the central government supports Kaohsiung City in its strategy of using driverless buses in public transportation. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications treats the driverless vehicle testing ground as an important project. Within a controllable scope, testing of the project has been handed over to the local government. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has formed an independent team to understand safety issues encountered by driverless vehicles during development and amend relevant laws. During the test operation period, driverless vehicles should maintain sufficient distance from other vehicles to ensure road safety. 

            The general manager of 7starlake, Ting Yen-Yun, pointed out that a driverless minibus can be perceived as a bus that does not need to be driven by people, or a light rail that does not travel on rails. Currently, the computer and IC on the EasyMile driverless mini-bus are made in Taiwan. Hopefully, this testing will provide opportunity to work closely with local industries so that parts can be all produced in Taiwan in the future. 

           During the Innovative Smart Transportation Forum, participants discussed smart transportation policies and how the application of driverless minibuses in public transportation can inspire new perspectives on city development. This not only can support the promotion of the green transportation industry, but can also fulfill the need of city residents and give them a concept of a livable city. 

            The Transportation Bureau indicates that the driverless EZ10 smart minibus introduced by Kaohsiung City is manufactured by France’s Easymile. This minibus has six seats, and counting standing room, can accommodate 12 – 15 people. The vehicle uses lithium ion batteries, and has been installed with LIDAR, cameras, and GPS system for automatic driving. During operation, the maximum speed is around 20 – 40 km per hour. If obstacles are detected during travel, the bus will automatically decelerate or stop. 

            The EcoMobility World Festival 2017 will be held in Hamasen in October. A driveless minibus will serve as the event’s tour car, and will be open to the public for riding. The patrol route is along Linhaixin Rd. During the festival in October, the bus will travel between the MRT Sizihwan Station exit and the Pier 2 Penlai warehouse units, and the north side lane of the Linhaixin Rd. will be used by the driverless smart mini-bus. Related riding rules will be announced later. City residents who are interested in experiencing the driverless smart vehicle can go on the Transportation Bureau’s EcoMobility World Festival 2017 website ( for the latest information.