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    And Now There Are All: Mystery Cases in Contemporary Art Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-04-17~2017-08-01
    • Update Time:2017-04-17 10:02
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    • Publishing Unit: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

    Exhibition Dates: February 25 to May 30, 2017
    Exhibition Venue: Galleries 201-203, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
    Supported by: Ministry of Culture and Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
    Organized by: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts 
    In Association with: Tina Keng Gallery, Project Fulfill Art Space, Mind Set Art Center, Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation and Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation
    Appointed Projector Sponsor: EPSON
    Appointed Deformaldehyde Coating Sponsor: HOPAX

    TING Chaong-Wen + Yannick DAUBY (France)
    WU Mali
    LI Meng-Chieh
    LI Ting-Huan
    ZHOU Yilun (China)
    Riverbed Theatre + Craig QUINTERO (USA) + Andrew KAUFMAN (USA)
    Pamela HEVIA (Chile)
    HSI Shih-Pin
    SHU Wei-Lun
    YUAN Goang-Ming
    CHANG Wen-Hsuan
    CHANG Huei-Ming
    HSU Yin-Ling
    HSU Che-Yu
    HSU Su-Chen
    CHEN Ming-Huei
    CHEN Shun-Chu
    HUANG Hai-Hsin
    YANG Tzu-Hung
    YANG Pei-Chen
    Victor BALANON (The Philippines)
    PU Shuai-Cheng
    CHI Chien
    LIU Han-Chih
    Hiraki SAWA (Japan)
    CHIEN Fu-Chuan

    Curatorial Team
    CHIEN Cheng-Yi + Louisa CHEN

    Inspired by mystery novels and detective stories, this exhibition attempts to explore the possibilities of suspense in art and the sources of anxiety in everyday life, thereby creating a charm unique to the fusion of art and literature. This exhibition, whose title is derived from Agatha Christie’s classic mystery novel “And Then There Were None,” invokes classic elements of suspense, while turning the novel's theme of “none” to “all.” We invite viewers to participate in suspenseful cases concerning the art works on view, try to find all clues and tie them together, and create their own stories.


    About this Exhibition
    "Suspense" is an uncertain psychological state when the future is unknown, and is usually accompanied by anxiety about certain matters or actions. In popular mystery literature, an atmosphere of suspense is usually created at a "strange and mysterious manor." In this luxurious but deserted manor house, there is a hidden plot, a secret everyone is trying to hide, a shadow outside the window, a sudden power outage, some mysterious information, a strange sound at night… There is also a detective who stumbles in, concealed malice, and perilous circumstances, leading people to guess the unknown, and drawing them into a situation that seems safe, but is actually dangerous, and appears mundane, but is actually out of the ordinary. The participants search for clues, while also opening the door to a state of riveting mystery in an atmosphere of longing, expectation, and fear. 
    "And Now There Are All" was inspired by the British detective novelist Agatha Christie's work And Then There Were None. This book, which is considered one of the finest detective novels in history, combines many of the genre's classic elements of suspense: An isolated island, a mysterious building, and narrative tricks, and these elements are still being used, adapted, and subverted by whodunit writers. We have therefore tried to create a classic suspense atmosphere by using an invitation letter that claims to be written by a mysterious person and adopting a closed space (like an isolated island or stormy mountain lodge). We have also sought to invert the conventional curatorial approaches to achieve an objective third party's all-knowing perspective. Using second-person instructions and hints, spectators are invited to enter this "whodunit house" constructed from contemporary art, and together participate in the rehearsal and performance of this mystery drama, which consists of a "pseudo-mystery case" with meta overtones. In this activity, all the participants, including the artists, museum staff, and you—the spectator—are scriptwriters, directors, performers, and even that detective who accidentally stumbles into the scene. As you wander around the intersection of puzzles and clues, where art and literature are plotting together, the exhibition provides an interesting twist on "there were none alive" when you participate carefully, search for clues, and tie them all together. 
    As for the ending of the story, “there are all clues” which you can use to construct for yourself…