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    Kaohsiung’s unique DRTS that Helps Passengers Travel Safely at Night Will Now Extends Service to Yanchao, Nanzih, Ciaotou, and Linyuan. Free DRTS Service Starting From July 1st Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-07-20~2017-12-01
    • Update Time:2017-07-17 10:23
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    Kaohsiung - “The service of Kaohsiung DRTS has been upgraded. Ensure your safety by traveling with our Night Service!” The Kaohsiung DRTS service administered by the Transportation Bureau of the City Government was much welcomed and praised. Starting from July 1st, 2017, the service will be further improved by being the first in Taiwan to provide night rides. DRTS No. 98 will provide night service in Nanzih District, Ciaotou District, and Yanchao District. Weekend service in Linyuan District has also been added to Route Red 3 . These services make taking taxis an experience to enjoy and turn Kaohsiung into a humane, heartwarming city. The Transportation Bureau stated that in order to serve residents from remote areas better, the service of DRTS No. 98 and R3 will be offered for free to the public starting in July.


    Transportation Bureau’s first DRTS of Taiwan have been operating mainly in remote areas so far. The system replaces buses with taxis, solving the issue of insufficient load of the former. It also provides services to areas that are less accessible for buses, to give the public a more convenient option for weekday commutes


    For the upgrade, brand new imported cars will be added to the DRTS service. Furthermore, in order to reassure passengers traveling at night with regard to their safety, the Transportation Bureau has launched the service of Bus No. 98 across Nanzih, Ciaotou, and Yanchao Districts. DRTS 98 takes passengers to their doors, to ensure their safety. At the same time, the weekend service of R3 will launch in Linyuan District. Taking taxis is thus not only a means to commute but also an experience to enjoy. In the future, DRTS will expand its service to urban areas, changing people’s lifestyle.


    Starting from July, DRTS will take over Route 98 from the original bus operators, departing from National University of Kaohsiung at 18:20 for E-DA Hospital via Ciaotou District Office, MRT Ciaotou Station, MRT Cingpu Station and National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology. Clear signs of “98” will also be displayed on the operating taxis.


    Bus No. R3, running between MRT Siaogang Station and Linyuan District Office, will no longer provide services to Jhongyun area during off-peak hours. Passengers intending to go from Siaogang to Jhongyun can get off the bus at Shin Kong Life Stop and take DRTS to Jhongyun instead. Conversely, passengers going from Jhongyun to Siaogang can take DRTS from Jhongyun to the Linyuan District Office, and change to Bus R3. Moreover, passengers can also take the DRTS taxis for free between Jhongyun and the Linyuan District Office.


    Director-General of the Transportation Bureau Chen Ching-Fu, said Kaohsiung’s DRTS not only provides passengers with better to-door service than buses but also merges bus service and taxi service into one. It also reduces the expenditure of local governments, supports taxi businesses, and increases taxi drivers’ incomes. It has received much praise from various quarters, ranging from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, representatives of local districts, and borough chiefs, to local residents. It’s a worthy example for other cities and counties.


    DRTS provides excellent services with brand new cars, said ChenChing-Fu, while saving subsidies by approximately 20% per year. The effectiveness of its operation is clearly outstanding as well, evidenced by the growth in the public’s willingness to take public transportations. In addition, by merging the bus and taxi systems, the new service also encourages taxi businesses to change their operating styles and upgrade their industry to fare better during the economic downturn.


    In the future, the Transportation Bureau will launch an APP that integrates services of DRTS and shared taxis, and functions of DRTS service search and reservations will also be added to the current i-Bus APP. The APP will also include services such as booking, taxi dispatch system from the drivers’ ends, transit information, taxi arrival reminder, reviews, and my favorites. Moreover, a safe arrival function will allow passengers to share details of their ride with relatives and friends upon entering the car, further guaranteeing their safety.


    DRTS on Route 98 and R3 will be operated by Crown and Satellite Taxi. Taxis providing DRTS service will be easily identifiable with their signs. For more information, please contact Crown Taxi (Service Line: 07-4128-666 and 7710-277), District Offices, or Offices of the Borough Chiefs.  More information can also be found at bus stops along the routes or from the website of the Transportation Bureau. If treated poorly by the driver, passengers can take note of the license plate number, time, place, etc., and file a complaint to the Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government (Service Line: 07-222-6816). In the case that reports are verified by the Transportation Bureau upon investigation, government authorities will impose penalties on the offender in accordance with the “Highway Act”.

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