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    The shuttle taxi service in Kaohsiung receives recognition from the public for its diversification and friendliness Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-09-14~2017-12-28
    • Update Time:2017-09-11 10:48
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

    Kaohsiung - On July 1, the Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau launched a shuttle taxi (demand-responsive transport) service in Kaohsiung.  The service is free of charge, and offers brand-new wheelchair-accessible taxis at night on weekdays and holidays. The diversification and friendliness of the shuttle taxi service have made it a widely popular, widely discussed among Kaohsiung residents. It continues to gain popularity and receives positive feedback and recognition from the public. The Transportation Bureau welcomes people to use this service, which is now available in Linyuan, Siaogang, Cianjhen, Daliao, Sanmin, Cianjin, Yancheng, Zuoying, Nanzih, Ciaotou, and Yanchao.

      Kaohsiung is the first city in Taiwan to launch a shuttle taxi service. It uses brand-new imported vehicles and considers psychological factors of passengers riding in taxis at night. The Transportation Bureau provides door-to-door transport services at night for specific routes in Linyuan, Siaogang, Cianjhen, Daliao, Sanmin, Cianjin, Yancheng, Zuoying, Nanzih, Ciaotou, and Yanchao. The service has turned taxis into a mode of safe night transportation, making taxi rides more than just a means of transportation, but also an enjoyable service. In the future, the service will become available in the downtown area to create a new lifestyle for everyone.

      The shuttle taxi service, a night transport service that also offers wheelchair accessible transportation to passengers in need, was first launched in Nanzih, Ciaotou, Yanchao, and Linyuan in July. After gaining popularity in these districts, the service was further operated in Siaogang, Cianjhen, Daliao, Sanmin, Cianjin, Yancheng, and Zuoying in August. “It was really thoughtful for the City Government to take nighttime safety into consideration and provide a night shuttle service using taxis. The fact that this service offers door-to-door transport is really comforting,” said Ms. Wang from Zuoying. “Because of my job, I often have to socialize with customers at night. Back then I would either take a bus home or spend more money to hail a taxi. Now that the City Government offers free transport using bus-like taxis, I can save money while getting home safe and sound.” said Mr. Wu from Yancheng.

      According to Chen Ching-fu, Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, the shuttle taxi service in Kaohsiung intends to use taxis to provide transport services instead of buses. It offers door-to-door service, which is more advantageous than using a bus service. Moreover, it connects the bus system and taxi system, improves the convenience of public transportation, and reduces local government spending. Meanwhile, the initiative supports the growth of taxi businesses and increases income for taxi drivers. The service has garnered continuous positive feedback from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, elected representatives, village chiefs, and residents of Kaohsiung City, which has set a successful example for other cities and counties.

      Chen added that the shuttle taxi service has helped create a remarkable reduction in subsidy fund spending, which has been cut by roughly 20 percent. The statistics on actual operations obviously revealed that the high-quality shuttle taxi service has significantly increased the willingness of the public to take public transport. In addition, the model combines shared taxi and shuttle bus services that will stimulate the operational transformation of the taxi businesses, facilitate the upgrading of the taxi industry, and bring other benefits to a regressing industry.

      In the future, the Transportation Bureau will launch an App that integrates the shuttle taxi service with the shared ride program, and create new functions on the i-Bus App. This will allow users to search for information about the service and book a taxi. Moreover, a booking service section for customers and a dispatch system for drivers will be established, along with other convenient functions such as transfer services, arrival reminders, service evaluations, and a favorites section. For added protection, A safety reporting function will also be available for passengers to inform their family members and friends the details of the taxi they are riding in.

      The following shuttle taxi routes are operated by Crown Taxi Fleet: Red 3, 98, Red 6, Orange 22, 33, and Red 51A. There are identification marks on all of the shuttle taxis for passengers to identify these taxis. More information can be found by contacting Crown Taxi Fleet (telephone: 07-4128-666 or 7710-277), the district offices, or the offices of village chiefs, taking a look at the taxi stops along the routes, or browsing the website of the Transportation Bureau. In case of poor taxi service, passengers may take note of the vehicle registration plate number, time, location, and other relevant information to file a complaint with the Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau (complaint hotline: 07-222-6816). If a complaint is verified to be valid, the competent authorities will impose punishment in accordance with the Highway Act.

    Unit in charge: Transportation Supervision Division; contact person: Chief Su Jun-cin; telephone: 0963-111-811.