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    2017 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival (KSAF) - Turandot Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-03-27~2017-05-05
    • Update Time:2017-03-27 11:14
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    • Publishing Unit:Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government

    Princess Turandot's search for love

    Turandot, a Yu opera performance delivered by the Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company, is named after an Italian opera of the same name. The performance introduces a Chinese princess by the name of Turandot who is respected and beautiful but also withdrawn and merciless. She presents three word puzzles to all the princes from different kingdoms who wish to marry her, indicating that those who successfully solve the puzzles will get to marry her, and those who do not will be killed. A vagabond subsequently arrives and uses his love and noble, unsullied character to awaken the kindness of the princess' heart. Princess Turandot ultimately wakes up from her "dream" and leaves with her love.

    About 160 min. with a 15 min. intermission