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    Safer and More Convenient: Installment of the First Scooter Left-Turn Lane in Kaohsiung City Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-06-22~2017-10-01
    • Update Time:2017-06-19 10:23
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

    According to the Transportation Bureau of the City Government, there are usually too many scooters waiting to take a left turn from Jhongjheng 1st Road to Dashun 3rd Road, exceeding the limit of the current designated waiting area. To ensure motorcyclists’ safety, the Bureau will install a lane reserved for scooter left-turns, so that motorcyclists can turn left directly from Jhong-jheng 1st Road to Da-shun 3rd Road from now on.

    Jhongjheng 1st Road and Dashun 3rd Road form a five-forked junction with complicated traffic flows. After the Transportation Bureau examined statistics of accident occurrences at this junction, they found the excessive traffic flow of scooters a major concern. In addition, the scooters waiting to turn left usually exceed the capacity of the current waiting area located on Hebei Road, forcing many motorcyclists to wait dangerously close to the eastward traffic from Jhongjheng 1st Road. To improve this junction’s safety, the Transportation Bureau proposes that scooters turn left directly from Jhongjheng 1st Road to Dashun 3rd Road by waiting first in the outermost lane reserved for scooter left-turns until the left-turn traffic light turns green. This way, motorcyclists can turn left to Dashun 3rd Road directly without having to wait in between. This measure eliminates the risk of motorcyclists colliding with eastward vehicles coming from Jhongjheng 1st Road, and they now also don’t have to wait as long, since they can simply follow the traffic light and turn left directly, instead of waiting twice to turn left.

    In light of most motorcyclists’ tendency to wait on the right side of the road and the precedents of scooter left-turn lanes in other cities and counties, the Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung decides to set the scooter left-turn lane on the right-hand side of the road and mark it in blue paint with a skid resistance of 65 BPN, to minimize the hazard of skidding on the road. A sign, “Scooter Left-Turn Lane,” will be put up at the start of the left-turn lane to help point the way for motorcyclists intending to make a left turn. A sign will also be installed at the junction that instructs the motorcyclists to “follow the traffic lights to turn left directly.” These signs should provide motorcyclists with sufficient information regarding the policy, but to ensure a smooth transition, police officers will be stationed at this junction to help maintain order.

    The Transportation Bureau urges all drivers and motorcyclists passing by Jhongjheng 1st Road and Dashun 3rd Road to follow the signs as well as the police officer’s directions, in order to keep the traffic safe and smooth.