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    Kaohsiung City Officially Signed the K-Ecar Sharing Contract – Fancy Brand-new E-cars Available for Rental Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-06-12~2017-10-01
    • Update Time:2017-06-12 10:16
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

    Kaohsiung City signed the first K-Ecar Sharing contract on May 25th. Mayor Chen Chu, signed the contract with Unicar Company. The company will work with Luxgen, Pan German Universal Motors, Fortune Electric, and Asia Pacific Telecom to build the K-Ecar Sharing system. The plan is to start service at a handful of locations within one year and to have 50 statins and at least 84 electric cars running and providing one-way rental servicein two years. This project will be implemented in coordination with 2017 EcoMobility. This October an on-site demonstration service will be provided in Hamasen to better acquaint the public with the convenience of the system. The signing of the contract marks the new age of electric car sharing for Kaohsiung City.

    E-car sharing has been developing in Western countries for many years now, and its technology has reached a certain level of maturity. According to their data, one shared car can replace approximately 9 – 15 private cars. This can thus effectively improve both traffic congestion and air pollution at the same time. No city in Taiwan has yet been able to implement E-car sharing thus far. Kaohsiung City will be the first to successfully bring this international trend into the country.

    Chen Chu stated that K-Ecar Sharing is the car version of the pubic bicycle rental system. It can help increase the coverage of the public transportation network and provide the residents with convenient transportation service. After much effort on the government’s part, a suitable commissioner has finally been procured, who will be responsible for the subsequent construction of the system. This new installment will offer the residents a new option for green transportation and provide job opportunities for the city. It is estimated to bring in over NTD 300 million worth of investments in the coming three years. While improving the infrastructure of the city’s public, the new project will also create a win-win situation for the government, the public, and corporations.

    CEO of Unicar Company Chou Shih-Hsuan indicated that K-Ecar Sharing will be a self-help system that is simple and convenient to use. Currently, the plan is to use the BMW I3 and Luxgen S3 models for the public rental service. After the users sign up for membership, they can rent cars with ease through an electronic identification system. The rate will be NTD 150 for every half hour, with the total amount calculated based on the actual amount of time used. Different discount plans will be introduced in the future. Users will get to save not only the cost of a car but also the tax that comes with it. The system can help improve traffic and environmental issues all at once.

    Transportation Bureau Director Chen Ching-Fu stated that the city government worked hard and succeeded in recruiting a commissioner, who will introduce the K-Ecar Sharing system. This is an important milestone, and the team of Unicar Company is expected to commit themselves to the public transportation of Kaohsiung and introduce superior car models from both Taiwan and abroad. The vision is to provide the public with a safe, comfortable, convenient, and speedy rental service so that Kaohsiung City can continue moving towards its goal of becoming a smart eco-mobile city.

    Contact: Director of the Transportation Facilities Department Chen Jung-Hui   Mobile phone: 0972319770