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    A Must-Go This Summer: Kaohsiung's Popular Duck Boat Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-08-21~2017-12-09
    • Update Time:2017-09-04 11:25
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

    “Don’t miss Kaohsiung’s must-go tour this summer!” Kaohsiung’s Duck Boat broke the ridership record again in July. Two Duck Boats operating around Pier-2 and Love River have attracted people in droves, and the tickets are sold out as soon as they became available. The monthly sale revenue has tripled from NT$ 240,000 to NT$ 700,000, a breaking record in its operating history. It spurs the tourism around Pier-2 and helps promote Kaohsiung’s tourism industry in general.

    According to records and data, since its commission by the Transportation Bureau in August 2016, Great City Life Bus has focused much of its energy on the repair and maintenance of the Duck Boats. Not only has the company significantly improved the reliability of the Duck Boats, but also its enthusiastic team of staff works together to provid the best service for passengers. They hold conferences and meetings often to improve the operations. As a result, the sales performance grew continually. In this summer vacation alone, Duck Boat has attracted over 3,500 passengers, and there were 15 Duck Boat chartered tours.

    The Duck Boat is a must-go tour in Kaohsiung. Taking the Duck Boat allows passengers to enjoy unique views of mountains, rivers and the Kaohsiung Port. Many passengers also take the Kaohsiung Light Rail to enjoy the coastal view and the Kaohsiung MRT to admire the buildings and enjoy the food at Yanchengpu to experience all the beautiful scenery of Kaohsiung in one sweep.

    The Kaohsiung City Government is very dedicated to promoting tourism in the city. By introducing the unique amphibious Duck Boats, Kaohsiung now has a highlight that attracts tourists from all over Taiwan. There are also many foreign visitors who demand the Duck Boat tours as part of their trip in Kaohsiung.

    A group of Korean visitors who stayed at Grand Hi-Lai Hotel learned of the Duck Boat on the internet and booked the Duck Boat by phone through the Hotel. Visitors from Singapore also love the Duck Boats in Kaohsiung even though they also have Duck Boats in their home country. They explained that the Duck Boat trip in Kaohsiung is cheaper than the Duck Boat trip in Singapore and the journey allows visitors to enjoy a unique view of the mountains, river and port in Kaohsiung. Even on a rainy day, many still hopped on the Boat and said that the Duck boat is even more exciting with the rain.