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    About Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau Print
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    Kaohsiung Summer Party” Press Conference & “Kaohsiung Summer Party –Reading & Picnic DayThe Information Bureau's most important missions are to inform the public, both at home and abroad, of the city government's policies, regulations, events and actions, and to promote development of the cable TV industry. It is also in charge of city marketing, public opinion and will gathering and media relations, etc.
    Under our administration is the Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station(KBS). It has 2 transmit frequencies. One is amplitude modulation(AM)1089 KHZ with transmission range covering Kaohsiung. The other is frequency modulation(FM)94.3 MHZ with transmission range covering Kaohsiung City, Tainan City, Pingtung County and Penghu County. The station is on air from 6am to the next day’s 2am daily which are 20 hours in total.

    Twitter Tweets Kaohsiung” Press Conference The Information Bureau has clear idea about market segmentation and applies creative and diversified marketing and advertising channels with innovative, forward thinking, such as publications, images, radio, TV, websites, social media, events, press conferences, you name it, to strengthen two-way communication between the citizens and government and to fortify the domestic and international marketing to upgrade the city’s image and reputation at home and beyond the sea as well. Plus, the Bureau collects material concerning humanity, industry, ecology and other local multi-cultural information to produce and broadcast programs on the municipal public channel(CH3)to help Kaohsiung’s tourism and other industries develop.

    Art & Fantasy Carnival Likewise, the KBS brings forth and airs a variety of radio programs. Some aim to market Kaohsiung’s unique culture, attractions. Others aim at caring for the disadvantaged, young people. Still others offer helpful information to the new immigrants and other minorities and so on. At the same time, the KBS focuses on local news coverage and provides the citizens the most instant, in-depth stories.

     Last but not the least, the Bureau realizes we have entered an era of so called “new media”, so it makes good use of the influential Internet, APP, LINE and other new tools to speedily convey important messages to the citizens. And Taiwan’s first officially certified government’s Twitter account goes to theRoad Safety Promotion Campaign Bureau, through which Kaohsiung goes more deeply into the global community. “See the new Kaohsiung”, “The World is Here’ are the central guidelines of the marketing. Under them, Kaohsiung is shaped as an international harbor metropolis and is transforming into a “Happy and Livable City”. The Bureau will keep working hard to be the bridge to link Kaohsiung with the world, to share Kaohsiung’s world-class accomplishments with the world and to position Kaohsiung in the international city competition.

    “Happy Touring in Kaohsiung” Program Broadcasting Launch Event Gas Explosion firefighters & reconstruction heroes attended the “Thank You & Blessing Concert” to receive recognition. The city mayor Chen Chu led the municiple team to wish everyone a Happy New Year during the “Dream Mall New Year’s Eve” Event.
    Broadcasting Launch Event of The New Program Version “Kaohsiung 38 Jyo Toori” Municipal Radio Broadcasting Center interviewed the Director General Yun-Kung Ting. Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station produces high-quality programs and has received quite a number of awards & recognition from The Golden Bell Awards.