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    Introduction of Labor Affairs Bureau Print
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    In order to assist companies to reduce occupational injuries, we established “Kaohsiung Labor Counseling Group” in 2007.The start of stamp collecting event, encouraging people to shop at sheltered workshops.


    The joint talent hunting event held by Training and Employment Center of Labor Affairs Bureau in Kaohsiung Senior High School.The Labor Affairs Bureau is the competent authority for labor affairs in Kaohsiung City, and the Bureau contains the following divisions: “Labor Organizations Division” (responsible for labor union consultation, labor education, employee benefits), “Labor Standards Division” (responsible for labor rights and interests and safety and health administration matters), “Labor Relations Division” (responsible for cooperation between labors and employers and disposition of labor disputes), “Employment Security Division” (responsible for employment service, employment management for foreigners and gender equality in employment) and “Vocational Rehabilitation Division” (responsible for vocational Vocational training helps people to refine skills in order to establish family and start their careers.rehabilitation, fixed amount of employment vacancy, entrepreneurship subsidies as well as the management of sheltered workshop and compensation for occupational injuries). Under the Labor Affairs Bureau, there are 4 subsidiary agencies including “Labor Inspection Division” (responsible for labor inspections for all industries), “Training and Employment Center” (responsible for occupational training, employment seeking, talent hunting, examination of skills), “Labor Worker Recreation Center Hostel” (responsible for promoting labor education, planning the exhibition for labor history, collection information and research projects), and “Bo Ai Vocational Training Center” (responsible for the vocational training and employment for the disabled).

     “2016 furniture carpenter and special exhibition for Labor Day of May 1st” The Bureau releases “labors’ wishes” paper tapes, hoping to integrate the concept of labor rights in our daily lives.The Bureau jointly held Thailand Sports Culture Carnival with Thailand Trade and Economic Office in National Kangshan Agricultural.


    The Bureau conducts comprehensive inspections on the confined operation of manholes.Labor awareness is now raising as the society progresses, and labors are more capable of recognizing their rights and interests comparing to the past. During the past decade, Kaohsiung has transformed from a city of traditional heavy industry to a happy city with high additional value like green energy, tourism and cultural creations. After the merger between the Kaohsiung City and County, the Labor Affairs Bureau has been promoting talent training based on the demand of different jobs in compliance with the diversity of industries in Kaohsiung. Meanwhile, we improve the working environment through promotion and inspections. We wish to achieve the goal of "working with dignity and employment with happiness" in order to ensure the rights and interests of labors.