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    Revenue Service Office of Kaohsiung City Print
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    Consideration is needle and service is thread.

    1. Business introduction

    The office, with 12 revenue service branches, is responsible for the local tax collection business of 38 Districts This business includes: the collection of land value tax, house tax, land value increment tax, deed tax, stamp tax, vehicle license tax, amusement tax, and special tax for quarrying and landscape maintenance, as well as conducting enforcement against tax evasions, reviewing unapproved buildings, administrative remedy, arrear execution, tax promotion and public services.

    2. Service visions and strategies

    In order to implement the goal of service government, the office will encourage colleagues to provide sincere services and obtain self-growth in accordance with the service principle of “better service, better quality” in order to promote the harmony between tax collector and tax payers. We will also collect taxes in accordance with laws to improve the life quality of citizens.

    Revenue Service Office of Kaohsiung City


    Through “LOVE” service strategy, which is localization, originality, voluntariness, and efficiency, we implement the goal of organization and realize core value, as well as delivering love and cares in the process of service.