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    Public day care center – daycare staff telling storiesDue to the rapid changes in population structure and social environment, we are now facing social transformation issues like aging, low birth rate, an increasing divorce rate, the decline of the supporting system of traditional family, and the more and more complicated domestic violence. In order to effectively respond to citizens’ demand, we actively establish all forms of social welfare, innovative services, convenient and diverse service stations from the perspective of citizens. Through sincere, professional, delicate, and exquisite services and facilities, we build a relieved and friendly livable city with dignity and make the social welfare service to be warm, passionate and energetic like the sunshine in Kaohsiung.

    School of the elderly~ knitting courseIn recent years, we have been conducting social assistance measures and protecting the economics and safety of minority people; promote a multi-layer and continuous “nursing and long-term care”; provide affordable and quality childcare service, improve the quality of home day care service, build a friendly parenting environment, and support families to raise children; provide family-centered juvenile protection and victims services of domestic violence ; support the disadvantaged like the immigrants and the disabled to be independent; establish regional social welfare service centers to provide localized and instant emergency assistant, family aids and disaster prevention.

    Skill training for new immigrants~ training for Level C technician of Chinese culinaryAlthough the resources of the government are limited, the communities possess unlimited potential capacities. In the future, we will comprehensively combine enterprises, private sectors and volunteers to achieve the benefit and efficiency of social service and transform Kaohsiung into a livable city where people aspire to reside, to retire and to gestate their next generation with creative thinking and actions.



    Small workshop for the disabled~ staff collects vanillaHome confinement service – professional service staff provides service of meals, basic housework and looking after mother and childrenCare station of elder community ~ elders enjoy meals together