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    Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government Print
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    I. Culture Development Center:

    The formulation of cultural policies and systems; the planning and promotion of cultural exchanges; the establishment of, and supervision and guidance for, cultural and art foundations; the research, planning, survey and statistics of cultural and creative resources; annual report publication for the cultural and creative industry; the cultivation of cultural talents; the management of literature-related funding and the planning for the publication of monographs; awards to distinguished art and cultural talents; information platforms for cultural and art exhibitions or performances; web application and design; IT administration, etc.

    II. Cultural Property Center:

    The investigation of the culture, history, and geographical attributes pertaining to historic sites, historic buildings, human settlements, archeological sites, and cultural landscapes; the designation and listing, restoration, and preservation scope integrated in the urban or regional planning for the abovementioned cultural property; the general, comprehensive preservation management and planning for the reuse and operation of cultural property; comprehensive community development; the environment planning and execution of regional cultural centers, etc.

    III. Performing Arts Development Center:

    The planning, execution, marketing and promotion of performing arts events; the collection, research and use of data related to performing arts; the promotion of exchanges between domestic and overseas performing art circles; the establishment registration, management and guidance for art and cultural groups; funding and evaluation of art and cultural groups; the guidance and promotion mechanisms, as well as the establishment of databases, for street artists, etc.

    IV. Cultural and Creative Development Center:

    The drafting and formulation of development policies for the cultural and creative industry; the investment design and problem investigation for the cultural and creative industry; the development and utilization of cultural and creative property; event coordination and news release; offering support for the development of the pop music industry; the promotion and marketing of pop music events; the review and promotion of public art projects; visual art research and talent cultivation; hosting or inviting international exhibitions; cultivating talents as art exhibition curators; hosting international symposiums; promoting international art exchange platforms, etc.

    V. Film Development and Production Center:

    The formulation of film policies and systems; the planning and promotion of film marketing; the establishment of, and guidance for, film foundations; hosting large-scale film events; assisting with location scouting, film shooting, and other related affairs; the installation of film event information platforms and cloud networking to support filming; cultivating film talents; facilitating the policy-making of the central government to support feature films to be shot in Kaohsiung; the formulation and implementation of film funding projects; producing monographs and other publications on films and the support for the shooting process; comprehensive administration affairs of the Center, etc.

    VI. Pier-2 Operation Center:

    the planning, research, and promotion of exhibitions and performances at the Pier-2 Art Center, and affairs related to business solicitation and the operation of the Center; support for resident companies of the design industry; the planning, design, engineering, and management of warehouse repair, expansion and maintenance; premises management, warehouse management, material management, property management, and other administration.

    VII. Gangshan Arts Center:

    Comprehensive management of the Gangshan Cultural Center, its exhibition hall and premises, etc.

    VIII. Managing Office of Cultural Center:

    Managing the affairs of the Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung Music Hall, and Dadong Arts Center, its exhibition hall and premises.

    IX. Secretariat:

    The compilation of the Bureau's policy-making and policy execution projects and work reports; research and evaluation; documentation; archiving and property management; general affairs; cashier; procurement; building repair and maintenance; legislation; personnel management; other affairs not covered under the duties of the other centers, departments and offices.