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    International Mother Language Day ActivityOur educational vision is based on the following three principles: transformation and innovation, profound understanding of local culture, and international outlook. The goal is the initiation of a transformation of education areas, educational administration concepts, and educational environments, the radical reform of an institutional framework characterized by old-fashioned thinking, stereotypes, and fixed ideas, and the creation of a new educational outlook. We aim to cultivate future talent in sync with international trends and enable principals, teachers, parents, and students who have an educational vision to bravely embrace change and realize their ideals.

    Prize awarded for World Robotics Contest The Education Bureau places great emphasis on student counseling and guidance and the creation of friendly campuses from early childhood education to the 12-year Basic Education system. The Bureau promotes the transformation and innovation of education and the cultivation of a spirit characterized by do-it-yourself and adventurousness. Experimental education is implemented to ensure a multidimensional adaptive development of students and endow them with key abilities that help them adapt to global trends. The promotion of reading education, cultivation of morality and artistic refinement, and concern for disadvantaged groups serves the purpose of enhancing the basic academic competence and ensuring a balanced development of education in urban and rural areas.  International dragon boat race The Mobile Learning

    Indigenous education and the development of sports for all ensure deep rooting in local culture and the development of a local spirit, while an emphasis on hygiene and eco-friendliness, nutrition education, and physical education activities promote the physical health of students. Sustainable learning is realized through social education and family education. Another goal is the enhancement of international competitiveness through international education and IT education. The Bureau goes one step further by imparting marine knowledge and culture to students with the goal of transforming Kaohsiung City into an innovative, international, and indigenous marine education capital.

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