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    Rezoning Plan Information SessionThe Bureau is responsible for the city’s land cadastre, measurement, land price, land rights, land usage, expropriation, land development and land policy information and other relevant operations. The operations all are closely connected with the public’s property rights. The execution of land policy operations requires professional knowledge and capacity, innovative ideas and comprehensive, long-term planning. All of our colleagues at the Bureau strives to service the public in all its land policy operations, a policy that helps create wealth through sustainable business management, continuous improvement in service quality, revitalize the land resource development and ensure the policy goals of “Cadastral maps are accurate, land prices are reasonable, land rights are negotiated properly, land are properly utilized and Land Policy Information of accessible online” are implemented, in the hope to provide the public with more convenient, diverse and high quality service.

    In order to guide the urban development and reshape the community scenery, the Bureau actively executes land development operations, expedites the obtainment of public facility land to save the fees for land usage compensation and construction. Moreover, it also constructs comprehensive public facilities and creates green landscaping for development areas to enhance the development value and improve the quality of life. Moreover, in order to encourage the public’s participation in public construction, for land with smaller surface area and those with a smaller ratio of public use land, the Bureau encourages the public to conduct independent city rezoning.

    Highest Priced Land Area and District

    When the independent rezoning has been developed and completed, the government can obtain park, green lands, plaza, roads and other public facility land at no costs, saving a large amount of public funds. This also supports the government sponsored city rezoning and large-scale developments, jointly making this City a highly livable city.

    Land policy work is an important foundation for the city’s infrastructure. In the face of the Greater Kaohsiung’s merger and the ever-changing environment as well as the public’s expectations, the Bureau’s colleagues will strive to make the public experience “I love to live in Kaohsiung” as the goal. Through all-new ideas and an ever-improving attitude, the team will strive to achieve its best.

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