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    The Public Works Bureau creates a blissful and habitable Kaohsiung Print
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    Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and Xinguang Park Kaohsiung City fully utilizes superior local resources such as mountains, rivers, the sea, and its harbor to implement improvements and renovations of various installations. The Public Works Bureau adopts a human centered approach to implement the regionally balanced policy strategy of Mayor Chen Chu and is committed to advanced infrastructure projects under the premise of a balanced development of economy and environment. The goal is to ensure a diversified and simultaneous implementation of construction projects in Kaohsiung to achieve the objective of sustainable development and turn Kaohsiung into a creative, international, ecological, commercial, habitable, safe, and blissful city.
    The Bureau is in charge of public works administration, road excavation management, sample inspections of engineering materials, procurement audits, grievance mediation, construction management, inspection, reporting, and handling of illegal buildings, as well as construction, management, and maintenance of public buildings, roads, bridges, parks, and green areas for the whole city. Subordinate agencies including the Construction Management Office, the Department of Planning, the New Construction Office, the Maintenance Office, and the Building Violations Enforcement Corps have been established to execute relevant tasks.
    Wujia Park in Fengshan This Bureau is responsible for the construction of three representative buildings in the Asia New Bay Area, namely the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung Main Public Library, and the Maritime Culture and Popular Music Center to realize the vision of a blissful and habitable city. The overall appearance of the city is actively transformed through spatial planning involving water and green areas and the creation of wetlands and ecological networks. Kaohsiung currently has the highest ratio of green areas per city resident among the six special municipalities in Taiwan. The 1000-km bike trail system, a pedestrian-friendly environment, and local characteristics of a waterfront city create a friendly and obstacle-free stronghold for city residents.
    The Public Works Bureau will continue to embrace a philosophy characterized by pragmatism and a strong sense of calling and actively build a LOHAS city with a varied and colorful appearance, setting a solid foundation for sustainable development and gradually transforming Kaohsiung into an international metropolis.