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    Business introduction of Fire Bureau Print
    • Update Time:2024-04-26 17:54
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    Improving disaster relief capacity

    The ecology of the world is facing severe global warming, and the climate changes and abnormality become extreme. The types of disasters become more complicated and diversified and the frequency becomes usual. With the more and more severe natural disasters, the fire fighting and disaster relief become more and more difficult. The staff of the Fire Bureau upholds the faith and determination of cautious and timid to promote fire prevention, disaster relief and emergency aid without any slack. Meanwhile, we also uphold the principle of seriousness and humbleness to provide 24/7 safety protection in the hope of minimizing the effect of disasters.

    Improving the efficiency of emergency aidThe Fire Bureau strive for improving the disaster relief efficiency in the areas that are difficult to conduct fire rescue, continuing to improve the out-of-hospital emergency aid, strengthening the disaster prevention awareness of the people and emergency response ability. We also aim to achieve the goals of strengthening the fire prevention concept for high-risk places and minority people, improving the disaster relief efficiency, improving the quality the emergency aid, implementing the management on dangerous items, improving the professional education training for fire fighters, establishing high-tech 119 information and digital communication system, improving the investigation on the causes of fire, perfecting disaster prevention and relief system and integrating the information among disaster prevention agencies.

    When facing the new challenges and threats brought by environmental changes in the future, the Fire Bureau will uphold the responsibility and determination to pass down experiences, actively initiate innovation, urge on the current situation and look into the future with new thoughts and planning. We will also sincerely listen to the people for their demands, provide a better protection, achieve every disaster prevention and relief duty, build a safer living environment for the citizens, protect lives, properties and safeties of citizens with active and specific actions, and transform Kaohsiung into a “livable, safe and relieved happy city.”