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    Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government Print
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    1.   Business introduction of Tourism Bureau

    Song-Jiang Battle Arrays of Neimen, KaohsiungThe Tourism Bureau is in charge of marketing, industry and development of tourism, planning, construction, operation, maintenance and management of Kaohsiung’s scenic areas, as well as the operation and management of zoo. These businesses also include the tourism marketing domestically and overseas, trip advices, and travel consultations; assisting in managing tourism industry and developing tourism resources; planning and developing tourism policies as well as planning and promoting tourist and festival events; the overall planning, prediction in supply and demand, construction project planning, design, construction, operation and management, environment embellishment and forestation, and landscape maintenance for scenic areas and tourist facilities.; management of animal feeding and protection, prevention on animal diseases and zoonosis, animal medical treatment and quarantine, animal behavior study, animal exchange and import and export, promotion of education of ecological (animal) conservation, and holding events.

    2.   Vision

    Shoushan ZooKaohsiung has both urban and rural areas, rich natural resources like mountains, ocean, rivers, harbors, and diverse cultures. In order to achieve the goal of diverse tourism, international environment, and quality products in Kaohsiung and to transform Kaohsiung into an excellent and friendly international tourist city, the Tourism Bureau aims to “build a perfect tourist environment,” “improve travel quality,” and “create tourism niche production value” and combines local culture and creations through core policies of “striving for international and cross-strait waypoints and creating convenient travel channels,” “creatively marketing in diverse media and propagandas to expand the market of international tourism market,” “building a friendly tourist environment and promoting the upgrades of tourism industry,” “integrating products and tourism resources and promoting diverse recreations,” and “reviving existing characteristic scenic spots and developing quality tourist attractions” in compliance with the transformation of the city. We will increase Kaohsiung’s visibility through the integration marketing of tourist areas in Southern Taiwan. With the unique city glamour of Kaohsiung, we aim to attract domestic and foreign visitors to visit Kaohsiung and have in-depth travel, promote the development of tourism industry in Southern Taiwan, and reach the vision of “when visiting Taiwan, Kaohsiung is the best selection” for domestic and foreign visitors.

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