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    Service Introduction and Vision of Ren-Ai Senior Citizen’s Home, Social Affairs Bureau Print
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    The decorate archway of the main gate of Ren-Ai Senior Citizen’s HomeI. Service Introduction
    This Department contains 4 Divisions and 1 Office, including the Plan Division, Manpower Division, Appraisal and Training Division, Compensation Division and Secretariat, which are in charge of general personnel regulations of agencies and schools under the City Government, employee assistance projects, organization structure, recruitment, evaluation and awards and disciplinary sanctions, trainings, attendance management, salary and benefits, pension and compensations, and personnel data management.
    Allowing staff of Personnel Department to become the strategic partners of employees of all agencies has been the priority of personnel administration. Human resource capital determines the performance of organization. When facing diversity, inconsistency and challenges, as the executor of human resource management, the Department will uphold a more active and innovating thinking and working attitude to allow officials to bring professional abilities into full play and will continue to improve and reach the goal of Government policy.

    Event of peaceful body and mind of Ren-Ai Senior Citizen’s Home (Buddha’s birthday)II. Vision
    This home is a senior nursing institution with the long history of 44 years, which focused on the social aids at the early stage. Since the number of aging, disabled and dementia senior residents are increasing, we established nursing, dementia caring and senior couples nursing areas starting from 1999 in succession. In addition to the increasing service functions, the massive land and the greenery environment also make this home the best nursing institution in Kaohsiung area. On the occasion of entering the aging society, this Home has to invest wealth, human resource and materials in re-planning the overall area and improving facilities and services. We hope to serve as the link between the past and the future and become the benchmark of senior nursing institution in the Kaohsiung and Pingtung Area, as well as hoping to become a new paradise for seniors and people of the community.

    Single Bedroom in Song-Bo Building of Ren-Ai Senior Citizen’s HomeDouble Bedroom in Song-Bo Building of Ren-Ai Senior Citizen’s HomeRestaurant of Ren-Ai Senior Citizen’s Home Dinning during a festival in Ren-Ai Senior Citizen’s Home