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    1. Business introduction

    The Bureau is responsible for urban and rural development, space planning, land usage, and integration and promotion of national major constructions. We promote the second stage of New Bay Area in Asia project and cooperate with national or public companies in development in order to attract international investment as well as industries like financial, research, development and innovation, exhibitions, cultural creation, tourism, recreation, and high-end services. In order to build a safe and livable city, we review the usage of land after the oil tanks on both sides of the Qianzhen River moved to other places and plan the hinterland for the development of bay area. Accelerate the relocation of 205 arsenal, while the original site was transformed into the area of international financial and trading services that promote the transformation of industries in Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung Harbor and City Government jointly establish a development company to conduct the overall planning and investment attracting of the old harbor area (such as dock No.1-10 and No. 16-17 and shallow 1-3).   

    The key projects of the current stage are accelerating the development of public lands in the New Bay Area in Asia, renewal and activation of the periphery of gallery of underground railroad, and re-establishment of function in new and old harbor area. In order to meet the housing demand of minority groups, we comprehensively plan the construction of public rental housings on public lands as the relay housing for urban renewal promotion and assist the periphery area to promote urban renewal to improve living environment. We integrate the unused public properties and evaluate and transform them into public rental housings in order to promote the activation and use of unused properties.

    2. Key business and vision

    Since the merger between Kaohsiung City and County, Kaohsiung has been actively promoting the Kaohsiung renewal project, which includes renewing the functions of harbor area, transforming and upgrading industries and balanced development of urban and rural areas. Taking the New Bay Area in Asia as the engine, we plan the development strategy for Kaohsiung, accelerate the renewal of harbor area and transformation of industries, and the overall benefits will expand to the whole city and overturn Kaohsiung. Other than the projects above, we are also responsible for the balanced development of urban and rural areas and the improvement of citizen's living environment. Based on the resources with the different features in each district, we promote the adaptive projects for the development of urban and rural areas from four different aspects including “promoting industry and economic development,” “activating the unused properties,” “building a livable environment” and “providing housing supporting and information service.” Through these projects, we wish to build a living environment where citizen can live a happy life.