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     What's RSS

    RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML for publishing and aggregating web content. Users can subscribe to RSS to get interesting information and experience the power of on-demand subscription.

     Advantages of using RSS

    RSS subscribers can get the most up-to-date information from their personal information via the RSS Reader program, without wasting time and effort in retrieving information step by step from site to site.

     How to subscribe to RSS

    First, you must install the RSS Reader program. After using the browser to view the page, if the icon Appears, representing a subscribable RSS. Right-click on the icon to select "Copy Shortcut", or click on the address bar after the path appears to copy, and then to the RSS reader program to join the path to complete the subscription.

     RSS reading software download (free)
      After installing the following software, you will receive an updated subscription when you add an RSS link to your site's web page. You can also use the online reader My Yahoo, Windows Live, etc. Browse content.