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    *Social Affairs Bureau “Sends Love everywhere”


    Re-wu Public Children & Infant Day Care CenterDue to the rapid changes in demographics and social environments, we are currently facing a myriad of social transitional issues, including population aging, decreasing birth rate, rising divorce rates and an increase in diverse families. In order to effectively respond to the citizens’ needs, the Social Affairs Bureau is upholding its service philosophy of “Sending love to every single corner” to offer timely, thoughtful welfare services and conveying social services to each citizen.
    The City promotes Social Welfare by upholding the principle of giving priority to the underprivileged, while offering protecting, care, support and development when handling various social relief measures, to ensure the economic safety of underprivileged citizens.Home service for the first month of Post-natal care

     It also seeks to empower new immigrants, those with disabilities and other underprivileged city residents to possess self-reliance. It also seeks to offer affordable, high quality infant care service, enhance the service quality of home childcare services, construct friendly child-rearing environment and support families in raising and having children.

    It also cultivates the multiple-leveled and continuous care for the senior, including “Nursing home care-Nursing Care-Long-term Care,” provides child and adolescent protection and domestic violence protection services with family at the central focus; construct regional Social Welfare Service Center to provide localized and immediate emergency relief, family assistance and disaster prevention and other measures.

    Let’s all live till 120 and cook well,New immigrant’s employment skill (Chinese culinary skill level C) development Through the integration of social resources, it encourages the joint efforts with civil society organizations in promoting social welfare work to construct a comprehensive social safety network.

    In the future, the City will continue to promote social welfare under the 7 major policy themes, including “Maintaining  the basic livelihood for the underprivileged,” “Developing proactive social welfare measures,” “Implementing social welfare localization,” “Integrating and utilizing resources,” “Promoting the public to participate in social welfare,” “Construct a convenient service network,” and “stressing family values and implementing family welfare.”

    The City will strive to develop its professional knowledge, capacity and efficiency to provide the citizens with heart-warming care and sound services. This is to help contract Kaohsiung into a happy city where “children and adolescents are happy, women are at peace, the elderly are free of worries, the disabled enjoy thoughtful services and the underprivileged receive care.” 

    Community-type Elderly Academy’s Learning Outcome Exhibit , Southern Society Festival-Kaohsiung Youth Groups’ Festival Domestic Violence Prevention-Purple ribbon activity for all corners , Mid-autumn festival gift product promotion for Disabled Groups

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