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    6th Annual Healthy Center & Elderly Friendly City Award Review – Received 14 AwardsAs the environment changes, the health policies face new challenges. The Kaohsiung City Department of Health utilizes the following strategies and services to ensure medical and public health services of high quality capacity to promote the city residents’ health.

    1.Create comprehensive public health monitoring system; Implement disease prevention – infectious disease prevention

    Solidify a monitoring system, manage infectious disease situation reporting and actively conduct various disease prevention measures to lower the threat of infection diseases.

    2.Food and Drug Management, illegal products’ removing from market and penalties-Food and Drug Safety Management

    Implement the management and monitoring of food and drug’s raw material source and flow and offer the public free, simple test kits, handle the inspection requests from the city residents for food, cosmetics, traditional Chinese medicine mixed with western medicine that are sold in the market to enhance the management capacity of food, drug and cosmetics.

    Provide the public with at-home rehab3.Evenly distribute Medical Care Resources, Ensure the Medical Access Rights for the Underprivileged-Medical Administration and Long-term Care Management

    Implement the management and promotion of public emergency first-aid education, expand medical care and general care and also strengthen the medical care for aboriginal citizens, construct a long-term care system to provide care for those that are disabled.

    4.3-Stage 5-Level Disease Prevention to Create Healthy Lifestyle – Health Management

    The self-management of hygiene and health maintenance for women, children, adults and middle-aged to elderly age groups as well as work place and the City’s 6 major types of business operation locations, to ensure the community health.

    Inspection of Lunar New Year food5.Promote Happiness – Mental Health

    Implement the promotion of mental health and the care visits for various special groups, combining the Internet to create a happy Kaohsiung filled with positive sunshine, smiles and deep breathing.

    Set up booth to promote drug use safetyKaohsiung City Government Department of Health upholds the principles of “Professionalism,” “Immediate Service,” “Reassurance,” Thoughtful” and “Fairness” in promoting public health and medical care. Through the development of basic health protection, medical resource fair allocation and usage to let the city residents remain healthy and happy and feel the joy in Kaohsiung.


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