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    Reservation-based Wheelchair-accessible Taxi (WAT) in Kaohsiung City Introduces "iTaxi" Reservation Service with Sound Service Effectiveness Print
    • Publishing Date:2023-08-11~2023-10-11
    • Update Time:2023-08-11 16:21
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    • Publishing Unit:高雄市政府資訊中心

    【Kaohsiung News】The reservation-based wheelchair-accessible taxi (WAT) fleet in Kaohsiung City currently consists of eight teams and 222 taxis, the highest number in Taiwan. Some WAT taxis have implemented the "iTaxi" reservation system to enhance the quality of service for individuals with mobility issues.
        The WAT taxi reservation process is identical to that of standard taxis. The general public may contact respective WAT teams to reserve a taxi. To improve the quality of taxi reservation services for the general public, Kaohsiung City has partnered with the Institute of Transportation, MOTC (IoT) to introduce the "iTaxi" reservation service system, which is great news for individuals with mobility issues.
    According to the Transportation Bureau, the "iTaxi" WAT taxi reservation service system can provide the general public with information regarding the number of reserved vehicles in a team, the number of vehicles still available for reservation, the hours during which vehicles are available for reservation, and other details. The general public may visit the "iTaxi" system website or use the APP to reserve service trips before 2:00 P.M. the day prior to the ride. The system will estimate the taxi fare for a specific trip, making taxi reservation information more accessible and transparent.
    Miss Lin, who is currently using the "iTaxi" reservation system, exclaimed, “I was recently injured and needed a wheelchair. I must travel weekly from my home to the clinic for rehabilitation. This platform makes reserving WAT taxis easy and convenient, as I can search for taxi reservations on my phone and take a taxi immediately.”
    The Transportation Bureau reports that since the introduction of the "iTaxi" reservation service system in Kaohsiung City, the average monthly service trips per WAT taxi have increased from 16 to 77. This demonstrates that numerous individuals have benefited from the service. The public may access it ( or search for and download the "iTaxi" application.

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