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Art & Culture

    Craft culture
    Meinung Paper Umbrella

    Meinung Paper Umbrella

    Kaohsiung’s crafts have not only retained their traditions, but are also innovating for a new age. Indigo dyeing and Meinong oiled-paper umbrellas, with their origins in Hakka culture, faithfully carry forward the down-to-earth aesthetic and refined handiwork of our forefathers. The complex woodcarvings on the upper parts of the main hall of Sanfong Temple are part of the priceless legacy left behind by one of Kaohsiung’s most accomplished master sculptors. And the exquisite carving of the heads of theatrical glove puppets, along with the production of their headgear, is an indispensable element in the transmission of southern Taiwan’s puppet theater heritage.
    In carrying forward their own cultural heritage, ceramic artists such as Chu Panhsiung of Meinong, and Henry Shen of 1300 Only Porcelain in Cijin, have sought innovations and breakthroughs to develop large-scale ceramic relief murals and sculpted ceramic works that betray thoroughly modern artistic values. Other craft products, such as traditional conical sun hats, grass mats, embroidery, and glass beads, bring superlative good taste into everyday life.
    The revitalization of historic buildings is an excellent way to show our respect for urban history and culture. The Ciaotou Sugar Refinery, built a century ago, was Taiwan’s first modern sugar refinery. By the application of environmentally sound architectural design, it has been transformed into a sugar industry museum, and also provides accommodation for cultural and creative industries, setting an excellent example in the reuse of an idle space. Wude Martial Arts Center is the only historic monument in Taiwan that has been restored to its original use; it is a great favorite with Japanese visitors. Other sites such as the former British Consulate at Dagou or the old streets of Cishan, which combine history with scenic beauty and fine cuisine, not only bring new life to historic monuments, but have also become highly popular tourist destinations. Hakka blue shirts

    Hakka blue shirts

    Artistic and Cultural Event

    Artistic and Cultural Event

    Aside from historic buildings, Kaohsiung is making every effort to revitalize various other precious heritage assets. The renovation of the Cao Gong Jhen irrigation canals is one example. First built around 1840, they formed one of Taiwan’s three largest early irrigation systems, irrigating a total area of some 6435 hectares. But because of rapid urban development, they fell into disrepair and became interrupted in places. Although today the canals no longer fulfill the same agricultural irrigation function as before, the Kaohsiung City Government has renovated them to bring a new look and a high-quality waterfront atmosphere to the communities along their banks. The traditional performing arts also enjoy a firm foundation and continued development in Kaohsiung. For example, as a “hotbed” of shadow puppetry, Mituo District not only enjoys a crucial status in the history of Taiwanese shadow-puppet theater, but is also instrumental in building a solid following for this genre among the younger generation, through the efforts of puppet masters who in 2010 toured schools throughout Taiwan to give 26 performances attended by 3,560 students and teachers.
    Data source: Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government