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    MRT Network

    The MRT Network (Routes in dotted lines are not yet in service. The progress of construction corresponds to feasibility study, comprehensive planning and work in progress. For additional information, refer to the page on each route)

    Note to MRT Network

    1. Red Line: R3 Siaogang, R4 Kaohsiung International Airport, R4A Caoya, R5 Cianjhen Senior High School, R6 Kaisyuan, R7 Shihjia, R8 Sanduo Shopping District, R9 Central Park, O5/R10 Formosa Boulevard, R11 Kaohsiung Main Station, R12 Houyi, R13 Aozihdi, R14 Kaohsiung Arena, R15 Ecological District, R16 Zuoying/THSR, R17 World Games/National Sports Complex, R18 Oil Refinery Elementary School, R19 Nanzih Export Processing Zone, R20 Houjing, R21 Metropolitan Park, R22 Cingpu, R22A Ciaotou Sugar Refinery, R23 Ciaotou Station, R24 Gangshan South.
    2. Orange Line: O1 Sizihwan, O2 Yanchengpu, O4 City Council (Former Site), O5/R10 Formosa Boulevard, O6 Sinyi Elementary School, O7 Cultural Center, O8 Wukuaicuo, O9 Martial Arts Stadium, O10 Weiwuying, O11 Fongshan West (Kaohsiung City Council), O12 Fongshan, O13 Dadong, O14 Fongshan Junior High School, OT1 Daliao.
    3. Light Railway Phase I (in service): C1 Lizihnei, C2 Kaisyuan Rueitian C3 Cianjhen Star, C4 Kaisyuan Jhonghua, C5 Dream Mall, C6 Commerce and Trade Park, C7 Software Technology Park, C8 Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, C9 Cruise Terminal, C10 Glory Pier, C11 Love Pier, C12 Dayi Pier-2, C13 Penglai Pier-2, C14 Hamasen.
    4. Light Railway Phase II (in service): C15 Shoushan Park (ALIEN Art Centre), C16 Wenwu Temple, C17 Gushan District Office, C18 Gushan, C19 Makadao, C20 TRA Museum of Fine Arts, C32 Kaisyuan Park, C33 Department of Health, C34 Wucyuan Elementary School, C35 Kaisyuan Wuchang, C36 Kaisyuan Ersheng, C37 LRT Depot.
    5. Light Railway Phase II (in construction): C21 Museum of Fine Arts East, C22 Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital, C23 Longhua Elementary School, C24 Heart of Love River, C25 Sinshang Elementary School, C26 Wanzihnei, C27 Dingshan Street, C28 Kaohsiung Industrial High School, C29 Shu-Te Home-Economics & Commercial High School, C30 Science and Technology Museum, C31 St. Joseph Hospital.
    6. Gangshan-Luju Extention (Phase I): MRT R 24 to RK1 TRA Gangshan Station.
    7. Gangshan-Luju Extension (Phase II): Start from Gangshan-Luju Extension to Gangshan Station in Phase I, en route RK2 Gangshan Agricultural and Industrial High School, RK3 Benzhou Industrial Park, RK4 Kaohsiung Science Park, RK5 Gaoyuan Technology, RK6 Luju South Station, RK7 Luju Station, RK8 Dahu Station.
    8. Yellow Line (under planning – station names to be announced): Stations Y1-Y23, start from Niaosong shennong Road, en route Dabei Road, Chengching Road, Benguan Road, Chienkung Road, Minzu Road, Minquan Road and ends at Sanduo 5th Road. Another section starts from Chengching Road, Guotai Road, Nanjing Road, Wujia Road, and ends at Qianjhen District Office at Jhenjhong Road. The line is 22.722 km with 23 underground stations and 1 depot.
    9. Siaogang Linyuan Line (under planning – station names to be announced): RL1-RL7, start from the reserved tunnel at Station R3 of KMRT stretches southward in underground tunnel, en route Yenhai 2nd Road, Yenhai 3rd Road, Jhongmen Road, Yenhai 4th Road–Yenhai Road Section II, and turns southeast at Linyuan Park No. 11 to the agricultural zone. The construction of this line beyond Chungyuan Effluent Line is elevated rail, and ends at CPC Yuanlin Plant.
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