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    • Update Time:2016-10-24 11:12
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    Promoting traffic safetyBroadening police information

    In the future, the trend of police operation is computerization, relying on internet and information quantization.

    Broadening police information allows police officers to work more efficiently.

    Changing thinking and think outside the box and promoting administrative revolution.

    "Initiating benefits over corruption prevention"and we shall not be hesitant due to corruption prevention.

    The content of the work shall return to “security, traffic, and service”.

    Caring students from vulnerable family – “light up the light at home” after school programKaohsiung City has a vast territory, and the security of more than 2.7 million citizens relies on police officers. We emphasize the security of every District and every citizen and will not rest. The glory of police officer is not only just a slogan, but also a goal to reach and a pride to strive for. We will win the trust and respect from people with our profession, which is our self-expectation on the work of security, traffic and public service and the expectation from the people. We will also look for innovation and changes in order to allow citizens to have a safe, happy and “fear-free” living environment and march toward the goal of “safe and livable city.”

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