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    IFLA President Making First Visit to Kaohsiung Public Library Put the library in the frontline of information Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-02-13~2019-04-30
    • Update Time:2019-02-01 11:15
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    Group photo with President of IFLA after her keynote speech

    On January 10th, Kaohsiung Public Library invited Ms. Gloria Pérez-Salmerón, President of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) to visit the Main Library. This is the second time for a heavyweight in the field of library science to visit Kaohsiung since Ms. Marie Østergård, Curator of DOKK1 in Aarhus, Denmark, visited the city on December 12th, 2018. This is the first time for the President of IFLA to visit Kaohsiung Public Library. In addition to delivering a keynote speech and conducting exchanges with KPL, the visit by Ms. Pérez-Salmerón will also represent a new milestone in the area of international exchange!

          IFLA was established in 1927, and is the most authoritative and influential NGO in the field of library science. Its members include library associations and academic organizations from various countries. There are 143 countries and 1,400 members under IFLA, which promote exchange and cooperation between libraries. IFLA has been inviting experts and scholars from various fields to publish a series of prospective reports pertaining to the future direction of library and information science field.

          Ms. Gloria Pérez-Salmerón delivered a keynote speech titled “Libraries: Motor for a Social Change and Development” to remind the audience that library plays an important role behind the progress of modern society. Her keynote speech allowed participants to understand the role, position, and trend of libraries around the world. Ms. Pérez-Salmerón introduced innovative thinking into service provision and management of library, and talked about how to find the right direction in this information-heavy era. Lastly, she also talked about how to respond to social changes, how to lead the libraries around the world, and how to make an impact on the society.

          Last December, Kaohsiung Public Library invited Ms. Marie Østergård, curator of DOKK1 Library in Aarhus, Denmark, which received the 2016 IFLA Public Library Grand Prize. Ms. Østergård delivered a keynote speech regarding space reconstruction and innovative service, where she shared the history of development and construction of DOKK1. Ms. Østergård also talked about how to reconstruct and position service and value of a library from the perspective of innovation. She emphasized on the importance of interaction between readers, library resources, and space in order to establish a library that also serves as a civic plaza with roof at the same time.  

        For two months in a row, two important figures graced Kaohsiung with their presence, and Kaohsiung Public Library was able to extend such rare opportunity to libraries in central and southern Taiwan as well as people who are interested in these topics free of charge. Our goal is to let people understand some of the important trends taking place in the field of library science. Both Ms. Pérez-Salmerón and Ms. Østergård had a very good impression of Kaohsiung Public Library and we hope there will be more friendly exchange in the future. President of IFLA also asked Kaohsiung Public Library to provide more information on our own library so IFLA can forward such information to other libraries around the world.

        Ms. Pérez-Salmerón is a key figure in IFLA, and this is her first visit to Kaohsiung as President of the association, and her first face-to-face exchange with members of KPL as well. Director Pan Cheng-yi of KPL mentioned that KPL is working closely with National Central Library to promote international exchange and cooperation, and NCL played a key role in turning these two keynote speeches into a reality. Through the visits by these two speakers, we hope to lay the foundation for further exchange and cooperation between KPL and DOKK1 and IFLA, while increasing the visibility of cultural organizations in Kaohsiung on the global stage.