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    • Publishing Date:2023-02-17~2023-12-31
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    Date  2012.02.28 ~ 2023.12.31

    The Museum was the Kaohsiung City Office during the Japanese colonial period. After World War II, it was renamed Kaohsiung City Hall. It was also one of the major sites where the 228 Incident occurred. On March 6, 1947, with drizzles, the first gunshot by the government's suppression forces was heard right here, followed by a series of deaths. Therefore, the 228 Incident is one of the indelible collective memories for Kaohsiung citizens. Being one of the sites of this historic event, the Museum thus has high historical significance, and it is equally significant to display the ins and outs of that event.

    In light of its historical significance, Taiwan's first model for delineating the armed suppression in Kaohsiung was created and displayed in this exhibition, along with relevant artifacts. It is hoped that this exhibition can not only allow visitors to feel what it was like to be involved in the historic event, but will also enable them to understand and ponder over its uniqueness, controversies, and historical significance. This exhibition on the 228 Incident in a sense is meant to allow different perspectives to unfold and spark reflections through dialogues.

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