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    Up to 50% off, Promotional Kaohsiung Ferry Fares Extended until End of January 2020 Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-10-18~2020-01-31
    • Update Time:2019-10-07 10:42
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    Kaohsiung Ferry has introduced promotional fares before the Chinese New Year this year (2019). The original cash price of NT$40 full fare for adult passengers and motorcycles is cut down by a discount of 25 percent to NT$30, while promotional e-ticket prices are NT$20 for adult passengers (50% off) and NT$25 for motorcycles. Moreover, Kaohsiung citizens enjoy cash price of NT$25 (37.5% off). Since the implementation of the discounts, the number of passengers has increased by 11%. Obviously, the promotion has boosted the volume of tourists. Kaohsiung City Shipping Co., Ltd. announced an extension of the promotional fares until January 31, 2020. It welcomes everyone to come to Kaohsiung explore the harbor by ferry! Cijin Ferry is Kaohsiung’s unique sightseeing highlight. With the extension of promotional fares until the end of January next year, coupled with the autumn and winter tourism subsidies given by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, visitors and citizens alike may enjoy themselves and have a good time in Kaohsiung!

    Kaohsiung City Shipping Co., Ltd. stated that fuel vehicle control was implemented during the long weekend of the Mid-autumn Festival, like previous long weekends. No service was provided for carrying fuel vehicles in Cigu ferry route from September 13 to 15, 11a.m. to 5p.m. The company encouraged people who want to visit Cijin during the holiday to take the public transportation or ride a bicycle or an electric vehicle to roam around Cijin. For those who want to ride a motorcycle to Cijin, please take Cianjhen-Jhongjhou ferry route at Cianjhen Ferry Station to Cijin.

    The promotional ferry fares apply to all ferry routes including Gushan-Cijin, Cianjhen-Jhongjhou, and KW2-Cijin which only operates on holidays. Kaohsiung City Shipping Co., Ltd. commented that Kaohsiung harbor area is perfect for a leisurely walk, dating, and family outings. Cijin, Gushan, and Yancheng districts are rich in historical and cultural heritage in addition to various mouthwatering snacks. Moreover, Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No.2 (KW2) and Pier-2 Art Center are check-in hotspots for internet celebrities and art buffs. The ferries not only link up these sightseeing sites, but also traverse the harbor while passing by big ships; they constitute a unique sightseeing highlight of Kaohsiung. However, Kaohsiung City Shipping Co., Ltd. would like to remind everyone that using e-tickets to board the ferry is the best and most economical way. So when traveling in Kaohsiung, please remember to bring one of the iPass, EasyCard, iCash or HappyCash cards with you. All are invited to make the most of the promotion and arrange an excursion to Kaohsiung harbor area!