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    *Science Park

      *Kaohsiung Science Park  
      High-tech science and industrial companies are qualified to apply for operating in Kaohsiung Science Park. Main industries that park intends to introduce in include precision machinery, biotechnology, optoelectronics, integrated circuit and communications.  

    * Tax-Free Export Processing Zones

      *Kaohsiung Software Park  
      Digital content, information software industry and application service, electronics and electric machinery technology R&D, emerging technology R&D, verification centers, warehousing and logistics, and financial centers.  
      *Nanzih Export Processing Zone  
      Manufacturing and R&D of semiconductor testing and packaging, printed circuit boards (PCBs), optoelectronics and other related electronic products.  
      *Second District of Nanzih Export Processing Zone  
      Electronic components, optoelectronics, green energy, biotechnology, and communications.  
      * Linguang Export Processing Zone  
      Electronic components, optoelectronics, green energy, biotechnology, and communications.  
      * Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone  
      Manufacturing and R&D of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and the components.  
      * Cheng-Gong Logistics Part  
      A general international logistics park that integrates warehousing, logistics, processing, transportation, convention, exhibition and business functions.  

    *Kaohsiung industrial Park for the Manufacturing Sector

      * Linhai Industrial Park  
      Industrial park specifically for metal, machinery, chemicals, and shipbuilding industries.  
      * Benjhou Industrial Park in Gangshan District(Environmental Science & Technology Park in southern Taiwan)  
      Metal processing, chemicals, electric machinery, environmental protection, green energy, and renewable energy industries.  
      * Yong-an Industrial Park  
      Basic metal industry, manufacturing of chemical materials, and manufacturing of metal products.  
      * Ren Da Industrial Park  
      manufacturing of plastic products, metal products, machinery equipment, and chemical materials.  
      * Fongshan Industrial Park  
      Automobile manufacturing, repair and maintenance, and machinery industry.  
      * Dafa Industrial Park  
      Basic metal industry, manufacturing, and maintenance of machinery equipment, and manufacturing of metal products.  
      * Linyuan Industrial Park  
      Petrochemical related industries, wood and bamboo industry, and non-metallic minerals industry.  
      * Technology Industry Development Cluster  
      Kaohsiung Science Park, Nanzih Export Processing Zone, Second District of Nanzih Export Processing Zone, Benjhou Industrial Park in Gangshan, and Yong-an Industrial Park.  
      * Business Center, Cultural and creative industries, and Digital Corridor Development Cluster  
      Kaohsiung Software Park, Kaohsiung Exhibition and Convention Center, Kaohsiung Maritime Culture & Popular Music Center, pier-2 Art Center,  Da-Dong Art Center, and Wei Wu Ying Center for the Arts.  
      * Port of Kaohsiung Area and Operations Centers of Related Industries Cluster  
      Port of Kaohsiung, Linguang Export Processing Zone, Linhai Industrial Park, Linyuan Industrial Park, Cheng-Gong Logistics Park, Kaohsiung Port Free Trade Zone, Kaohsiung International Container Terminal, Nansing Project Zone (Yacht Industry Park), and Kaohsiung Air Cargo Park.  
      * Output Value  
    * Output value of steel equipment, fastener, and precision machinery industries is about NT$210 billion.
    * Export of yachts reach NT$10.69 billion.
    * Total revenue of the manufacturing industry in the grealer Kaohsiung area is NT$2,115.9 trillion. In metal related sectors, the basic metal industry generates NT$ 479.8 billion of revenue, and the metal manufacturing industry churns out NT$219.8 billion of revenue.
    * Revenue of the logistics industry in Kaohsiung reaches NT$246 billion.
    * Output value of the digital content industry in the Kaohsiung area is about NT$40 billion.
      Data source: Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government