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Kaohsiung CityGovernment

Asian New Bay Area
    Asian New Bay Area

    Mayor’s Preface
    Kaohsiung is a tropical, coastal port city of the Republic of China on Taiwan. Besides its warm and pleasant climate with abundant sunshine, Kaohsiung boasts an international seaport, an international airport, rapid, convenient transportation systems, and the largest land area of any special municipality in Taiwan.
    When Kaohsiung hosted the World Games in 2009, more than 5,000 volunteers and local citizens enthusiastically took part in making the event a success. Both the physical infrastructure of the games venues, and the meticulous organization, were widely praised, and Ron Froelich, president of the International World Games Association, described the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung as “the best games ever.” This is not only a source of pride for Kaohsiung, but also an honor for Taiwan.
    At the end of 2010 the former administrative districts of Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County were combined, thus enlarging Kaohsiung City’s land area from 153 to 2,946 square kilometers and increasing its population from 1.53 million to 2.77 million. A territory and population on this scale are sufficient to compete with international cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shenzhen.
    I sincerely invite you to get to know Kaohsiung, an Asian city that is brimming with warmth and enthusiasm, and is making every effort to innovate while maintaining its traditions. It is a place that is most definitely worth your while to visit, to experience, and to invest in.

    Chen Chu
    Mayor of Kaohsiung City

    高雄,中華民國台灣的熱帶港岸城市。 擁有充沛陽光、溫和氣候、國際海空港與便捷交通系統的高雄,是 台灣面積最大的直轄市。
    2009年舉辦的世界運動會,從硬體場域到軟體活動安排,讓世界 驚豔,不僅是高雄的驕傲,也是台灣的榮耀。2010年底高雄縣市行政 區域合併,面積由153平方公里擴增至2,946平方公里,人口從153萬 人增加至277萬人,這樣的人口規模與腹地,足以與東京、首爾、香 港、新加坡、深圳等國際都會競爭,也為高雄的發展帶來新的契機與 展望。
    我們依據既有產業特色與地理環境來規劃未來方向,引領區域均 衡發展,發揮城鄉特色。高雄港舊港岸地帶在4年內亦將完成多項休 閒、藝術建設,開創文創產業新一波的發展動能。在自然環境方面, 將全力維護高雄的好山好水,保護優良農田並將優質的人文風貌行銷 到全世界。
    誠摯邀請您認識高雄,一個熱情洋溢、致力於創新與保存傳統的亞 洲城市,絕對值得您的造訪、體驗與投資。

    高雄市市長 陳菊

    Date source: Asian New Bay Area in Kaohsiung 2014,Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government