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    The Port of Kaohsiung
    Kaohsiung has the largest land area of any special municipality in Taiwan. Its convenient network of land, air, and sea transportation offers multiple options for travel and freight movement, linking Kaohsiung with the world while also allowing people to get where they want to go within the city quickly and easily. Kaohsiung International Airport connects to 21 major cities in Asia, with 385 scheduled flights per week as of May 2011. Kaohsiung also has easy access to Taoyuan International Airport in northern Taiwan by either highway or the Taiwan High-Speed Rail, for flights to destinations worldwide.
    The Port of Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s largest commercial harbor and the 12th busiest container port in the world. It currently has 115 berths totaling 26,155 meters in length, including six container terminals with 24 container docks. Container terminals one through five have been incorporated into the Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone, so customs procedures are quick and simple. The sixth container terminal will be completed in two phases, one in 2011 and one in 2014. It will provide four deepwater container docks with draught exceeding 16.5 meters, so that giant container ships in excess of 15,000 TEU will be able to put in, permitting high-efficiency shipping between Kaohsiung and the world. Looking further ahead, completion of Phase 2 of the Port of Kaohsiung Intercontinental Container Terminal is expected in 2020.
    Another major ongoing project is the construction of the Port of Kaohsiung Passenger Transportation District with its Port and Cruise Service Center, due for completion in 2014. Located at Piers 19 and 20, it will not only bring together various administrative offices that are currently scattered around the port area, thereby improving quality of service, but will also provide berths for large international ocean liners and passenger ships. This modernized passenger transportation space will become a focal point and entryway for tourism in Kaohsiung City.
    Kaohsiung International Airport

    Kaohsiung International Airport

    Data from: Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government