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  meets at Kaohsiung Port 100+

    Starts with KMH for “Landing at K. Port,” clearance for passage invited

  meets at Kaohsiung Port 100+
    “Landing at K. Port” exhibition at Kaohsiung Museum of History. Clearance for passage invited

    Situated at Penglai Port District, the centennial “Kaohsiung Museum of History” emerged as the historical site for story telling under the “” event. KMH will incarnate into the design information center for Kaohsiung Port with immediate effect to show the “Landing at K. Port.” The nuts and bolts of development in Kaohsiung over the last century will be tidied up through information design, and concentrate into K. Port 100+. The main vision will respond to the poster of the Kaohsiung Port Exhibition in 1931. A press conference was held today, and Deputy Mayor Tzer Shih of Kaohsiung and General Manager Chin-Rong Wang of Taiwan Port Corporation Kaohsiung Branch took the lead in clearing for landing with boarding pass to the exhibition.

    ▲The main vision of “Landing at K. Port” in responding to the 1931 Kaohsiung Port Exhibition.

    ▲1931 Kaohsiung Port Exhibition poster (provided by Kaohsiung Museum of History).

    The Creative Expo Taiwan and Taiwan Design Expo in Kaohsiung of 2022 will be held in Kaohsiung, not in Taipei, according to Deputy Mayor Tzer Shih. We start with the 6 cultural sites surrounding Hama Star to embrace the event. We are also thankful for the generous support of Kaohsiung Port to provide the venue and participate in the event. Kaohsiung started as a sea port and the Kaohsiung Museum of History (KMH) can be dated back to 1916, which was a venue for taxation, tariff, maritime affairs, and port services then. The building itself is the history of Kaohsiung Port. KMH is the place for cultural resources for the Creative Expo Taiwan, and will turn into an entrance for the central island of the design at the time of Taiwan Design Expo in Kaohsiung. The design diverts a port into a people-centered mindset. The public is invited to pass the time tunnel together in the “Landing at K. Port” Exhibition to understand Kaohsiung in the past and at present.

    General Manager Chin-Rong Wang of Taiwan Port Corporation Kaohsiung Branch mentioned that he was really honored to have KMH as the venue for the exhibition and participation to design telling the story of Kaohsiung Port. He wishes to promote the prosperity of the port city jointly with all other partners through a diversity of joint ventures.


    Exhibition on history generally contains lengthy wording and chronological information, which may be difficult to understand and put people off, according to Director Wen-Chui Wang of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs at Kaohsiung City Government. Tzer-Yu Hsu and Chung-Yuan Kuo, the two organizers of the “Landing at K. Port,” translate enormous sophisticated information into visual display through information design, and further transcribed the information in terms of space to combine with multimedia, photography, pictures, dimensional display, voice and other diversified artistic creations to sort out 100 visualized traits so that we can witness the feasibility of the endless frontier of history exhibition. This will be the most beautiful pictorial display on Kaohsiung Port in the century.

    Being a native of Kaohsiung, I wish I could present the history of development and tourist information on Kaohsiung to more tourists so that they could easily understand, according the Tzer-Yu Hsu, the organizer. The central idea of this event is turning the exhibition into a virtual tourist center with the preparation of 100 Q&A. Tourists are free to raise questions and query for better understanding the traits of development of Kaohsiung Port. Chung-Yuan Kuo, the other organizer, explained that the exhibition is designed in 5 exhibition zones, which is the salute from the “2031 World Expo of the future” to 1931 Kaohsiung Port Exhibition, with the creation of 6 posters projecting an imagination of the ecology, mobility, trade, property, sustainability, and audiovisual outlook to map out the origins of the modern design of south Taiwan to contemporary design. The “K. PORT time tunnel” shows the historical view of design for a century and the turning point of construction. The “100+ Information Center” helps to tidy up voluminous historical literature, data, and research reports into 100 Q&A to make it appealing to the public about the culture of the port city. The “K. PORT Rebranding” helps to rebrand the visual system of the port city to give narration from the first-person perspective on entertainment in Kaohsiung under the common film specification of the community platform. The “Metal Parts Bar” is an in-depth exploration of the unique feature of the port city. Four metalware stores on Kongyuan Road were invited to photography. Bar manager Yong-Luo Kuo of Yencheng District joined the cause in designing 6 limited edition exotic drinks featuring the taste of the south with the scent of the golden age of the bars and the fume from the dissembling of big ships in the 1950s dipped into the glass.

    The public can get the “Boarding Pass” at the entrance before punching in at the mechanical device. This is just like landing at a sea port. Several historical objects of the port will also be displayed, such as the suit for performing underwater work, helmets, the bamboo strip used for counting the quantity of moving by the coolies at the dock, and the overhead crane of the old days, and the models of straddle carriers. The “Landing at K. Port” starts today at KMH. For additional information, visit the official website of “”

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