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About Kaohsiung

    In 1945, Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County belonged to the same administration district. In the same year, Kaohsiung Prefecture was changed into a county and Kaohsiung District was changed into an administrative district. In 1950, the administration districts were modified again to become Kaohsiung County. With the foundation of past industrial development and neighboring Kaohsiung Harbor, it was convenient for importing materials. It was approved to establish many industrial zones, such as Fongshan automobile industrial zone, Linyuan Petrochemistry Industrial Zone, Dafa Industrial Zone in Daliao Township, Renwu Industrial Zone, and Dashe Petrochemistry Zone. In 2001, Lujhu Science Park was established. In 2003, it was renamed Southern Taiwan Science Park – Kaohsiung Zone.

    In 1945, Kaohsiung was promoted into a city, affiliated to Taiwan Province. In 1946, 10 districts Yancheng, Gushan, Zuoying, Nanzih, Sanmin, Sinsing, Cianjin, Lianya (renamed Lingya in 1952), Cianjhen, and Cijin were under its administration. In 1975, it was the second city to have a population of over 1 million in Taiwan. The ROC government considered the issue of balanced development between northern and southern Taiwan. Starting from July 1, 1979, it was promoted into the second municipality in Taiwan, and Siaogang Township was annexed to Kaohsiung City to become Siaogang District.

    In recent years, the development of Kaohsiung County has become stable, departing from the instability resulting from political unrest and industrial conflicts. Now, it is transforming into an environmentally friendly place with the goals of “green,” “ecology,” “high-tech,” “culture,” and “nature.” In December 25, 2010, it was Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County that were integrated into the Greater Kaohsiung City. It continues to promote its tourism, cultural, high-tech, and other green industries. Kaohsiung is sunny throughout the year, with a mild climate. Its people are simple and enthusiastic. This city with mountains, rivers, sea, and harbor has developed into a city of tourism, with its rich historical and cultural legacy and natural resources. There are many tourist resorts that are worthy of visiting, always leaving good memories with tourists.

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    Geography – Geographical environment of Kaohsiung

    Population About  2.77 million
    Area About 2951.8524km2
    Geographical location It starts from Taoyuan District and Hualien County to the east, neighboring to Taitung. To the west, there is the Taiwan Strait. It is connected with Linyuan District and Pingtung County, administering Dongsha Island, Nasha Taiping Island. To the north, there is Taoyuan District and the summit of Yushan, neighboring to Chiayi and Tainan.

    Tropical monsoon climate

    Kaohsiung City’s administration districts

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