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    Business Introduction and Vision of Mortuary Service Office of Kaohsiung City Print
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    I. History and business introduction

    Updating crematoriumThe municipal Funeral Parlor was established in October 1970 and located on Shiquan 2nd Road. Due to the fact that the population of Kaohsiung increased from 820,000 in 1970 to 1.04 million in 1977, the business reached its maximum volume and the original facilities could not meet the demands. In 1979, a new funeral parlor was built in Fudingjin of Sanmin District. In the same year, Kaohsiung became a municipal city and established Mortuary Service Division. The crematorium and mortuary ritual facilities were established in 1982.

    Elegant and bright bone-collection roomThe service center building was constructed in 1992. The freezing and casket storage building was constructed in 1999, and the crematorium was expanded in 2002. The area of the park is 6.6 hectares. Since the mortuary service belongs to the Department of Civil Affairs of Ministry of the Interior, the mortuary service of Kaohsiung City was transferred from Social Affairs Bureau to Civil Affairs Bureau on January 1, 2003. On July 28, 2010, the Mortuary Service Division was transformed into Mortuary Service Office.

    Environmental- friendly and carbon-reduced electronic elegiac coupletOn December 25, 2010, Kaohsiung City merged with Kaohsiung County, and the jurisdiction included the area of original Kaohsiung County. The businesses of the Office include: mortuary and cremation services, management of cemetery and columbarium facilities, establishment of public mortuary facilities and review of private mortuary facilities, and management of mortuary ritual services industry.

    Qishan Funeral Parlor

    II. Vision

    Mortuary exposition1. Short-term goal (within 1 year):

    • (1) To complete to update of crematorium and air pollution prevention equipments of the First Funeral Parlor.
    • (2) To comprehensively implement the use of electronic elegiac couplet.
    • (3) To adopt QR Code management in freezing and cremation operation.
    • (4) To re-design the space of funeral parlors with the emphasis on privacy, warmth and brightness.
    • (5) To complete the planning of shoterning the re-interment period of Fudingjin cememtery from 6 years to 4 years.

    2. Middle-term goal (1-3 years):

    • Re-interment of Fudingjin cemetery(1) To complete the re-interment of the First Cemetery in A-lien District.
    • (2) To continuie to promote and complete the Qishan funeral parlor construction project
    • (3) To improve the environment of funeral parlors in Renwu, Dashe and Qiaotou District
    • (4) To establish mortuary industry management fund.
    • (5) To increase columbarium spaces in areas that have insufficient supplies.
    • (6) To strengthen the promotion on ecological burial and diverse burial.
    • (7) To complete the re-interment of Fudingjin cemetery.
    • (8) To continue to promote environmental-friendly furnance.
    • (9) To re-plan and re-design the First Funeral Parlor, and the related spaces will be outsourced for operation, such as convenient stores.
    • (10) To complete the construction project of columbarium pagoda of Shanlin Forth Cemetery.
    • (11) To imformationalize mortuary service.
    • (12) To hold mortuary exposition.

    3. Long-term development (3-8 years):

    • (1) To complete the construction project of the First Funeral Parlor.
    • (2) To complete the 10-year mortuary project and mortuary white paper.