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    Opening ceremony of 2015 National GamesA stadium was formally constructed in 1948, located in modern day Renai Park. In order to hold Taiwan National Games in 1986, the government constructed Chung Cheng Stadium and Chung Cheng Martial Arts Stadium. TO organize 2009 World Games, the original stadium organization of Kaohsiung City was transformed into Department of Sports on January 1, 2008.

    The Department of Sports manages 66 facilities, and sections and Kaohsiung International Marathonoffices were established to be in charge of the following matters:

    1. Planning section: Responsible for general planning of sports, research, development and evaluation, information management, and the development sports industry.
    2. Sports Facilities Section: Responsible for planning of sports facilities, operation and management, and guiding the private sports facilities.
    3. Competitive Sports Section: Responsible for competitive sports, exchanges of sports among cities, and cultivation of excellent sports talents.
    4. Public Sports Section: Responsible for public sports, study and training, physical tests, and sports consultation.
    5. International Sports Section: Responsible for striving for international games, promotion of national big sports events, planning and implementation of sports courses and events.
    6. Secretariat: Responsible for general affairs including document, general affairs, cashier, property management, procurement, construction and maintenance, and matters that do not belong to other sections and offices.

    In the vision of “building a city of sports, and shaping a LOHAS Kaohsiung,” we are marching towards to goal of popularization, excellence, quality and internationalization of sports. In the future, we will continue to combine the force of private sectors and enterprises and add the element of innovation and energy in order to build a city of health embracing sports and LOHAS based on the development priorities of “promoting participation of in sports and improving health of citizens,” “perfecting the planning and training system and building the capital of sports,” “establishing operation mechanism and providing quality sports environment,” and “building cluster of sports industry and shaping an international sports city.”

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