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    Principle of “Increasing Incomes, Reducing Costs and Establishing Sustainable Finance” of Finance Bureau Print
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    Business district development project right next to the Aozihdi Station of KRTDue to the impacts of globalization, the requirement for local and financial autonomy is becoming higher and higher along with the changes in political and economical circumstances. The financial difficulties for local government are a common problem every country encounters, including Taiwan. Due to the fact that public affairs for local government was expanded in recent years, the demand of public expenditures has been increasing, which is a heavy burden for local finance. Therefore, the core policy of the Bureau is how to build a sustainable finance, and the main principle of the Bureau is to maximize the financial benefit.

    Business district development project right next to the Aozihdi Station of KRTThe bureau continues to promote measures for increasing incomes and reducing costs to enrich financial resources and implement financial autonomy, as well as strengthening debt management, increasing debt transparency, flexibly using debt funds to reduce interest expenditures.

    The bureau has also strengthened local tax collection management, improving debt repayment performance, actively executing tax registration checks, implementing fair tax and increasing incomes. We will also actively guide the local financial institutions to improve operation health, strengthen internal control to perfect healthy financial structure and maintain stable development of local finances.

    Creation of superficies case of land No. 22 of Longbei Section in GushanDistrictMeanwhile, we will strengthen the inspection and enforcement of tobaccos and alcohols and establish sound tobacco and alcohol management to protect health of consumers. The bureau will also promote the use of information integration platform for reusing spaces, supervise all agencies to firmly implement “project of cleaning and using municipal unused or low-degree of used housing and land in Kaohsiung City” to avoid the waste of unused land and space, speed up the city construction and promote multiple development in economics.


    MLD development projectIn order to reduce the accumulated debts and improve financial conditions in the future, this Bureau stipulates “measures for increasing incomes and reducing costs of Kaohsiung City Government,” establishes task force, and supervises the implementation of matters of increasing incomes and reducing costs.

    In addition, we also list and keep track of the cleaning performance, as well as strengthening the function allocating unused spaces of all agencies to improve the effective usage of municipal property. We will also flexibly use methods of promotion of private participation, creation of superficies, lease, sale or participation in urban renewal and cooperation in development in order to introduce private funds and activate municipal properties for maximizing financial efficiency.