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    Military Service Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government Print
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    Safely transporting draftees to military camps for services Fair, just and transparent draftee lots

    I. Business introduction of Military Service Bureau

    • (1) Conscription: Conducting the military register investigation of men who shall be conscripted for military service starting from the beginning of the service term, conscription examinations, physical status judgment, lots, conscription and transporting draftees to military camps, exists ofdraftees, overseas national draftees management, re-examination, military service restriction, suspended draft, enlistment of military service, voluntary military service, as well as qualification transfer for reserved (non-commissioned) officers, application of general substitute service (including family and religious factors, expertise qualification and general qualification), application for militia due to family factor or early discharge.
    • (2) Rights and interests of soldiers (including substitute service draftees): The Bureau pays condolence to the family of injured or dead soldiers, provides life support to the draftee’s family who are in low-income registration, and visits soldiers who are in the hospitals due to official matters or accidents.
    • (3) Service management of substitute service draftees: The Bureau is responsible for allocation, management, training for substitute service draftees, as well as charity events.
    • (4) Military villages services: The Bureau serves as the coordination platform among military villages, all units of Kaohsiung City Government, and the military.
    • (5) Military cemeteries, Martyrs’ Shrine, and Taiwan Strait Battle of August 23rd Memorial Hall: The Bureau is in charge of funerals in military cemetery in Yangchao and Niaosong, enshrinement and Spring and Autumn ceremony in Martyrs’ Shrine, as well as the historical document exhibition of Taiwan Strait Battle of August 23rd Memorial Hall.
    • (6) Reservists management: This business includes the management of reservists, militia, and substitute service reservists, suspended summon of reservists, general professional administration, training for professional personnel, business supervision, and clubs counseling.
    • (7) Coordination between the politics and military: The Bureau is in charge of the interaction and coordination between the city government and military, as well as contacting the military for disaster relief.
    • (8) Total defense: The Bureau is in charge of consolidated coordination reporting on forces, all categories of mobilization projects, Wanan Exercise, disaster relief.
    • (9) Military consolation: The Bureau conducts the annual military consolation of the City, comforting soldiers residing in the City and provide consolation fund to the troops.

    Guanyinshan Cleaning Charity events for substitute service draftees Conducting Wanan Drill No. 39 (joint air defense between military and citizens) Coordinating and mobilizing the military for disaster relief


    II. Vision:

    Conscription examination – blood sampling examinationThe core of military service matters is fair, just and transparent. We combine the core values of respect, caring, thoughtfulness, and convenience to build the excellent environment of “military service - perfect military service; the injured, the dead and the minority - condolence and warm behaviors’ military village service - warm and caring; funeral in military cemetery - recalling the spirits; coordination between politics and military - win-win for military and citizens; total defense = safety and relieve” in order to reach of goal of becoming a warm, diversified, innovated, safe and livable Kaohsiung.