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    Vision and Business Introduction of the Secretariat Print
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    2016 London Mayor visitOn the premise of precise allocation and usage of limited resources and maximizing the benefits, the Secretariat plays the role administration coordination and support in accordance with the responsibilities. We makes international exchanges more lively, presents local characteristics and cultivates international friendship, as well as building a safe, healthy, and friendly environment for consumers, which makes the secretariat a functional agency with the supporting role and innovation leadership.

    Group photo of City administrative team and guests in the 2016 international banquet


    The secretariat plays a supporting and coordinating role in city administration, and the goal is to support the administrative team in all major policies and constructions, as well as being in charge of the following businesses:

    1. In the aspect of internationalization of Kaohsiung, we serve as a window to municipal international cooperation and conduct the exchange with sister cities and international promotion.
    2. In the aspect of promoting the informatization of documents and files, we are in charge of the official document system, document management, city administration meetings and publication of communique.
    3. Consumer protection officer conducting coach safety inspectionIn the aspect of improving official environment quality, we are in charge of facilities maintenance of Siwei and Fengshan Administration Center.
    4. In the aspect of ensuring the humanity staff management, we are in charge of employment of staff and dispatch of official vehicles.
    5. In the aspect of consumer protection, we are in charge of consulting, complaints, mediation and inspection of consumer disputes.

    Through the above mentioned aspects, we reach the goal of promoting international visibility, supporting the construction and promotion of the city administration, protecting consumers’ rights and interests, as well as actively and innovatively promote all business to transform Kaohsiung into an international capital

    Cleaning chiller condenser of SiweiConsumer protection officer conducting food safety inspection in Lunar New Year FairRenovation project for ground parking lot on East and West side of Siwei Administration Center