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    Policy Visions of Department of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics Print
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    Kaohsiung City held the unveiling ceremony for Department of General Survey on Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Animal Husbandry Industries of Kaohsiung City at 9 a.m. on February 1, 2016, and the ceremony was hosted by Secretary-General Ming-Chou Yang.This Department is in charge of the administration of budget, accounting and statistics of Kaohsiung City Government in accordance to laws and regulation.

    These three businesses are combined as one in order to bring the overall function of budget, accounting and statistics system into full play through the interlinking application and complementing one another.


    Vision, Mission, and Value

    • (1) Vision: We uphold the spirit of “service,” “quality,” “efficiency” and “innovation” to cooperate with the City policies and construction. We expect to utilize the limited resources in the most economic and efficient way in order to obtain the highest benefits.
    • (2) Mission: This Department adheres to the spirit of “efficiency,” “quality,” “service ” and “innovation”, upholds professional knowledge, properly allocates limited resources, assists in promoting city policies and construction, and expedites the overall goal of becoming the ocean capital.
    1. Budget business: Properly, effectively, and reasonably allocating resources. Responsible for compilation, allocation and approval, performance evaluation of total budget and special fund budget of the city.
    2. Accounting business: Displaying the budget execution result in accordance with the reality and strengthening the internal control management mechanism. Responsible for general accounting, general final accounting, compilation and review of final accounting and consolidated tables of subsidiary agencies, approval of accounting system, and accounting counseling of the City.
    3. Statistics business: Supporting the policy-making with statistics as well as improving the quality of investigation data. Responsible for the statistics administration, statistics consulting services, compilation of statistics statements, management of statistics files, compilation and printing of statistics publications, and conducting statistical surveys.
    • Minister Liu of Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan came to Kaohsiung City to supervise the Business Reporting Meeting on May 12, 2016, and the Meeting was hosted by Director-General Su-Hui Chang.(3) Value: This Department is the professional management department in charge of the budget, accounting and statistics of the city government. We strive for expediting healthy finance for the government, improving the efficiency of resource allocation, and reaching the balance between income and expenditures; establishing neutrality, practice and legitimacy of government accounting, strengthening internal control and being in line with the international society; implementing management in numbers, grasping social and economical pulsation, displaying the supporting role in policy making process in order to assist in the promotion of government policy and achieve the goal of becoming the ocean capital with features of “value-added industries, sustainable Kaohsiung, and environmental friendly and energy saving,” realizing green “production, ecology, and life (P.E.L),” and becoming a friendly, healthy and environmental friendly “Happy Kaohsiung City.”